Sexual Compulsion Therapy

Do you notice that you have a sexual compulsion and aren't sure what to do? Consider seeing a sex therapist to help you in your sexual compulsion recovery journey. What you can expect during the first session: During the first session you can expect the therapist to do a thorough sexual compulsion evaluation, including, but not limited to: the severity of your sexual compulsion, your motivation to change the sexual behaviors, and the extent to which you have a support system to help you through the recovery process. At the end of the first session, the therapist should share with you tips on what you can begin doing immediately to help you in the recovery process. For some, meeting with a therapist once a week is enough to help a person make the needed behavioral and emotional changes. Other people may need more frequent sessions, and/or support groups, or even inpatient treatment. Lastly, other people may be able to stop by simply making up their mind and doing it. There is no one way to recover from sex compulsion. Each of us ultimately will have to find our own path. Sex Therapy is merely one avenue to create change. Read our self-help articles for more ideas or call today to schedule an appointment. 215 922 5683 x 100