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Art Therapy and Counseling

Art Therapy promotes healing and change through guided and spontaneous art making within the context of a supportive, therapeutic relationship. A key tenet of art therapy is the acknowledgment that humans are complex beings best understood and nurtured through both verbal and non-verbal means. Creative expression is one way to engage our non-verbal sides.

Art therapy can be an approachable and empowering tool to access and process emotions, memories, and experiences that are often hidden under the surface. You might consider art therapy if you are seeking the meditative, expressive, and cathartic quality that it brings to therapy. Clients who participate in art therapy often notice positive changes in their lives from decreased anxiety and depression to finding relief in processing trauma—whether they identify as an artist or far from it. Art experience is welcome but absolutely not necessary.

At The Center for Growth, adults and teens can benefit from art therapy. Art therapy can take many shapes and forms, but generally pushes us to play, be spontaneous, pay attention, and to adapt. It asks us to learn about ourselves, to trust ourselves and the creative process. It encourages us to make mistakes and to recover from them, to notice and marvel at the creative ideas and impulses that live within us. These experiences, happening within a therapeutic space, can translate to positive changes in other areas of life. If you are looking to grow in any of these areas, it can be helpful to experience them in therapy alongside a specialized therapist.

Materials used in art therapy vary widely, and can be adapted whether you are coming into the office for an appointment or seeing us for telehealth online. If you are interested in art Therapy, schedule an appointment with our art therapist, Farhana Ferdous. We also offer an Art Therapy Support Group once weekly. Call 267-682-6847 to learn more. We offer Art therapy at our Art Museum Office Location, in Center City Philadelphia and Virtual in PA & NJ.

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