About our Therapy Services

Our Mission is to help people with ADHD, Dyslexia, Tourettes, Anger Management, Anxiety Treatment, Shame Therapy, Guilt Therapy, Panic Attacks Reduction, Chronic Pain Counseling, Depression Therapy Eating Disorders Services, Gambling Counseling, Grief & Loss Therapy, parenting ideas, Pregnancy & Postpartum Issues Pregnancy & Parenting Struggles , Sexually Transmitted Infections such as HPV, Hepatitis, Herpes, HIV, Sexual Function, Trauma and Relationship Problems. Our therapist's specialize in Children & Families / Play Therapy, Grief Therapy, Imago Therapy, Sex Therapy and Couples Counseling. We also conduct support groups, offer psycho-educational workshops, and serve as consultants in the greater Philadelphia PA area, Ocean City / Shore area, Santa Fe and surrounding areas and the greater Hanover / Richmond VA area.

We utilize a broad range of established therapeutic and psycho-educational techniques to help our clients identify their goals and develop the skills they need to flourish. Our mission is to help clients better understand their behaviors so they can choose the best path for themselves. We do not dictate the direction the therapy will take nor the goals our clients aim to reach – that is for each client to decide. Once a client’s goals are defined, however, our job is to support, nurture, challenge and educate the client so that he or she can achieve those goals. Using the right combination of therapy techniques we have been able to help many people achieve greater joy, fulfillment and satisfaction in their lives. We believe that we can help you too.

There are over 30 therapists at the Center for Growth. We each have our own unique area of expertise. Between the 30 + of us, we pretty much cover every topic. Not all of us do everything. Please note, while we do our best to be impartial, our own backgrounds shape how we see the world. Feel free to ask. For those of you who care, we have Black therapists, Asian therapists, Caucasian therapists, Male therapists, Female Therapists, Non - Binary Therapists, Gender Expansive Therapists, GLBTQI therapists, Jewish therapist, Christian therapists, Muslim therapists, married therapists, single therapists, mom therapists, doctoral and masters level therapists, old therapists and young therapists to choose from. Lastly, we have therapists licensed in PA, VA, NJ, NM, FL, GA. To find the right therapists for you, please feel free to read the therapists biographies or call and speak with one of us today.