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Call Shannon Oliver O'Neil, LICSW directly to schedule, or self schedule a therapy appointment in Providence RI.  You have access to Shannon's calendar.  Her fee is 175$.  

In-Person Therapists (and Virtual)

Sarah (Sid) Treaster, MSW, MEd, LCSW (Associate Therapist)

Sid Treaster, LCSW, MED (They / Them)

Associate Therapist

Rhode Island , Pennsylvania , New Jersey


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Shannon Oliver-O'Neil, LCSW (Therapist & Director of Intern Program)

Shannon Oliver-O'Neil, LCSW (She / Her / Hers)

Director of Intern Program
Director of Rhode Island Office

Rhode Island , Pennsylvania , New Jersey


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In-State Virtual Therapists

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Providence Therapy Office in Rhode Island:

The Center for Growth / Therapy in Providence RI is a welcoming, creative and affirming therapy practice that provides psychotherapy and sex therapy for individuals and relationships of any structure. We provide in-person and virtual therapy and counseling sessions.

Some of the therapeutic issues that we specialize in at The Center for Growth / Therapy in Providence RI:

  • Individual, couples therapy, premarital counseling and counseling for college students

  • Anxiety, panic & OCD therapy

  • Depression therapy

  • Bipolar disorder therapy

  • Individual and couples sex therapy

  • Stress reduction counseling

  • Trauma therapy

  • Queer and kink-affirming therapy

  • Erectile dysfunction & orgasm problems

  • Compulsive porn use counseling

  • Vaginismus and pelvic pain therapy

  • Chronic pain therapy

  • Low desire therapy

  • Desire discrepancy therapy

  • Life transitions therapy

About The Center for Growth, Inc

Since 1997, the Center for Growth has evolved from one of Philadelphia’s leading sex therapy couples counseling practices to a full-service psychotherapy group comprising therapists in multiple locations, including an In Person therapy office in Providence, RI. Our team of highly skilled and compassionate therapists offer a wide range of services aimed at helping individuals and couples find meaningful connection, peace and growth in their lives.

About the Therapy Providence RI Office

At our Center for Growth Providence Therapy Office in RI, we have particular expertise in addressing a broad range of mental health concerns. Whether you are seeking depression therapy, anxiety panic or OCD therapy or bipolar disorder counseling, our therapists are trained to provide effective and evidence-based interventions to help you manage and live life to the fullest. We understand that anxiety, depression and trauma greatly impact your quality of life, and are committed to helping you regain agency and a sense of well-being. Our team of trained therapists are headed by Director Shannon Oliver-O’Neil, LICSW, who was born and raised in Providence RI and is thrilled to provide quality individual, couples therapy, premarital counseling and sex therapy to her home state.

Sex Therapy at Providence Therapy Office in Rhode Island

In addition to our focus on mood disorders and mental health, we are proud to offer individual and couples’ sex therapy. Our AASECT-certified sex therapists are adept at addressing a wide range of sexual concerns, including but not limited to:

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Desire Discrepancy (where partners experience different levels of desire within one relationship)

  • Inability to orgasm

  • Low desire

  • Compulsive porn usage

  • Vaginismus and pelvic pain

At The Providence RI Therapy Office location you’ll find a safe and non-judgemental space to explore your sexual concerns, as well as the tools you’ll need to improve intimacy and satisfaction in your relationships.

What does Sex Therapy at The Providence Therapy Office in Rhode Island Look Like?

Sex therapy is in many ways similar to typical talk-based psychotherapy. You’ll spend the first few sessions describing your experiences and goals to your therapist as they get to know you better. This may include learning about your family, relationship history, and background. Your sexual history will also be explored and emphasized, so that we can understand how your sexual experiences, values, and beliefs have shaped your current symptoms or issues. Based on this information, your sex therapist will work with you to collaboratively create an evidence-based treatment plan to address your goals.

Sex therapy is often behaviorally-focused, meaning you’ll be sent home with activities and exercises in order to help you better understand your body and emotions, and to help you build new skills. Depending on your sexual issue, you may do these exercises on your own or with a partner. When appropriate, your therapist may also work with you using trauma therapy to process underlying emotional or psychological wounds.

Trauma Therapy at Providence Therapy Office in Rhode Island

Recognizing the impact of trauma on mental and sexual health, our practice also specializes in trauma therapy. Our therapists are trained in evidence-based trauma therapy modalities, including trauma-focused cognitive and narrative-based therapies. We understand the complex nature of trauma, and will work collaboratively with you to address psychological and emotional wounds that impact you today.

Our Commitment to Queer and Gender Affirming Care in Providence Rhode Island

At The Therapy Providence Therapy Office location, we are proud to provide a welcoming and affirming healing environment for all individuals, including those in the kink, poly and queer communities. Our therapists are well-versed in queer, kink and poly- affirming therapy, understanding the unique challenges faced by these communities. Some common clinical issues we specialize in include:

  • Body dysphoria

  • Gender identity exploration and transition support

  • Opening previously monogamous relationships

  • Navigating conflict and attachment in poly relationships

  • Sexual identity exploration

  • Support on the journey of becoming a queer parent

At The Providence Therapy Office in Rhode Island, we prioritize creating a space where clients can explore their identities and relationships in a supportive and affirming atmosphere.

Chronic Pain Therapy at The Providence Therapy Office in Rhode Island

At The Providence Therapy Office in Rhode Island location we recognize the all-encompassing impact that chronic pain can have on your life, whether caused by injury or illness. Chronic pain changes your relationship to your body, to your sense of self, to your ability to perform day-to-day tasks, and also impacts your relationships to other people. Our therapists are trained to use mindfulness and somatic interventions to shift your relationship to your pain from one of helplessness, resentment or fear, to a growing sense of agency and acceptance.

Choosing Virtual or In-Person Therapy at the Providence Therapy Office in Rhode Island

At our Providence Rhode Island location we offer both in-person and virtual therapy, with no difference in fee between the two. How to decide which is the best option for you? Here is some feedback we often receive from clients about both in-person and virtual sessions.

Clients who prefer in-person note enjoying coming to space that is separate from their own home both because of the guarantee that no one will walk in on a session, and because they have time to prepare and decompress on the way to and from session. Clients who prefer in-person sessions also note that energetically, it can feel beneficial to be able to be in the same physical space as your therapist, and that it can be both comforting and challenging to be able to do things such as make eye contact, or let your therapist see you outside of a controlled setting.

Clients who prefer virtual sessions note that it can preserve their energy or resources to stay at home rather than traveling to a separate office. It can also be easier to fit therapy in between demands of a rigorous schedule. Clients who prefer virtual sessions note that they can occasionally feel overwhelmed by being seen, or being expected to make eye contact.

If you’re uncertain about the best type of session for you, call our intake line and a therapist will be happy to talk it through with you!

Preparing for your First Session at The Providence Therapy Office in Rhode Island Location

You can schedule your appointment by either calling our Providence RI Director directly at 267-428-2610, or by booking through our website. Our staff will send you a link to our patient portal in order to fill out intake forms prior to your first session. You’ll also be sent a link to SpruceHealth, our HIPAA-compliant communications platform, where you can message your therapist with any questions or scheduling concerns.

Make sure to complete paperwork prior to session, and you are good to go!

Directions to The Therapy Providence Office Rhode Island Location

We are located at 173 Waterman St on the East Side of Providence, RI in the Wayland Square neighborhood.

Please be aware that Waterman is a one-way street running east to west. Street parking is plentiful outside our building.

Once you’re arrived, come on in through the main entrance (overlooking our front porch), and come on up the stairs to the second floor waiting room. Take a seat and your therapist will be with you at the time of your appointment.

We are excited to announce our new therapy office in Providence Rhode Island!  To schedule your first session, please call Shannon directly, or self schedule with her.  

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