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Mechanicsville Therapy Office - Virginia

9044 Mann Drive,

Mechanicsville Virginia, 23116

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To schedule an appointment, call Lancie Mazza at 267 - 428 - 2517 or the main intake line at 215 922 5683 x 100 and follow the instructions

In-person Therapists

Lancie Mazza, LCSW (Therapist & Director Of Virginia Office)

Lancie Mazza, LCSW

Director of Virginia Office

Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania


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In-state Virtual Therapists

Samantha Eisenberg, LCSW, MSW, MEd, LMT, (Therapist)

Samantha Eisenberg, MSW, LCSW, MED, LMT


Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia


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Info & Directions

The Center for Growth / Therapy in Mechanicsville VA is open for in-person therapy and virtual therapy services and accepting new clients.

For more details about our covid-safe in-person therapy appointments, please call Lancie Mazza, LCSW, the director of the Mechanicsville Therapy Office. Lancie Mazza's direct cell number is 267-428-2517. The Center for Growth is actively hiring for therapist in Virginia. Preference will be given to licensed mental counselors and therapists, would consider those pursuing licensure.

Our Mechanicsville Therapy Office Practice Specializes in:

  • grief and loss therapy, death of a spouse, death of a child, babyloss, death of a friend
  • sex therapy, erectile dysfunctions, premature ejaculation, low sex drive, painful sex, mismatched sex drives
  • anxiety therapy, including social anxiety and panic attacks
  • Personality disorder therapy, borderline, narcissist, histrionic,
  • trauma therapy, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse, witnessing extreme situations
  • shame therapy
  • mindfulness therapy
  • depression therapy, mood swings such as bipolar
  • neurodiversity therapy, ADHD, ADD, dyslexia, tourettes, autism
  • family therapy , sometimes it's more effective to come in as a family than as an individual or couple. Sometimes the issue isn't just about one person, but rather it's the entire system that needs fine tuning
  • couples counseling, premarital counseling, marriage counseling
  • christian counseling
  • teen and adolescent therapy, depression, anxiety, loneliness, apathy, social skills,
  • home schooling support
  • grief support groups, grief support groups are led by a licensed clinical social worker.

Our Mechanicsville Therapy Office is located in Northwest Mechanicsville, Virginia at the intersection of Mann Drive and Shady Grove Road, with plenty of on-site parking.

Our Mechanicsville Therapy Office is located in Northwest Mechancsville, Virginia at the intersection of Mann Drive and Shady Grove Road, with plenty of on-site parking.

InPerson Therapy & Virtual Counseling: Child, Teens, Adults, Couples, Family Therapy and Support Groups. Anxiety, OCD, Panic Attack Therapy, Depression Therapy, Grief Therapy, Neurodiversity, Counseling, Sex Therapy, Trauma Therapy : Choose from over 30 therapists. Therapy in Philadelphia PA, Ocean City NJ, Santa Fe NM, Mechanicsville VA