Two Internship Programs: A) Individual and Couples Therapist Track or Marriage counselor and Sex Therapist Track internship, and B) Marketing and social media internship program. At the moment, all of our internship programs are based out of Philadelphia, PA and Ocean City NJ. Our offices in Sante Fe NM, Mechanicsville VA and Providence RI can only support staff. Hopefully in the near future we will be offering internships in the other states, too.

Maximizing Your Counseling Internship Experience

Clinical internships can be a great learning experience for students, however they can also be a great source of stress. Knowing how to maximize your internship experience can help you to reduce your stress levels and chances of burn out. Also, practicing getting your needs met within the safety of an internship can help better prepare you to also get your needs met once you have a paid position.

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What To Expect In Supervision

What to expect in supervision. Supervision is core to a robust training program. At the Center for Growth, Inc., our philosphy and focus is to provide immediate and direct feedback in multiple ways. Supervision is conducted in both an individual and group format assuring feedback on a one on one basis as well as from peers. Group supervision fosters learning from peers's cases as well. All work is videotaped, helping our clinicians to see themselves as others see them. Supervision offered here will count towards AASECT Sex Therapy Certification as well as LPC, LMFT and LCSW licensure.

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Explore Your Imposter Syndrome as a New Therapist

This tip is for graduate students completing their internships and early-career social workers, counselors, and psychologists who feel inadequate or unprepared to work as therapists. As a new therapist, maybe you’re wondering if you’re smart enough, articulate enough, insightful enough, or fill in the blank enough to really do this work. These worries aren’t surprising. After all, people who are drawn to become therapists tend to be sensitive and introspective, and therapy is complex, delicate, and important work. The problem is, new therapists frequently have unrealistically-high expectations for themselves and get bogged down with imposter syndrome.

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Self Of The Therapist Group

Self Of The Therapist Group is designed for our interns, fellows and first year hires. The goal is to create a space for therapists to process their own feelings that inevitably come up during the course of therapy.

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