Internship & Fellowship Training Application Process

Step 1: Determine which track you are most interested in


* Marriage Counselor & Sex Therapist Intern
* Trauma Therapy Intern
* Sexual Compulsion Therapy Intern
* Grief Therapy Intern
* General Therapist Intern
* General Therapist & General Couples Counselor Intern

Fellows: (you have a masters degree):

* Marriage Counselor Fellow
* Sex Therapist Fellow
* Sexual Compulsion Therapy Fellow
* Grief Therapist Fellow
* General Therapist & General Couples Counselor Fellow

Step 2: Email your resume to info @ the center for growth .com and in the subject line write "Internship Application" and then text Alex at 267 324 9564 and tell her that you applied. In your email. Please include the following information

  • Your Resume
  • A copy of your school requirements. If you already have your masters degree then send a copy of it in.
  • Your preferred start date and your preferred end date (which should be 365 days later.
  • How you heard about our training program.
  • The therapy track that you are most excited about. In your cover letter please describe the types of clients you are hoping to work with, and the skills you are hoping to gain: Child, adolescents, adults and / or seniors. Marriage counseling, Couples Counseling, Pre-marital counseling. Sex therapy, grief therapy, depression therapy, postpartum depression therapy, anxiety therapy, trauma therapy and the list goes on.
  • 3 letters of recommendations (this might just be the name and phone numbers of 3 past supervisors, or teachers that you feel comfortable with us reaching out to).
  • A paper that you wrote in grad school that accurately reflects "fast" work. Do not send us your best paper that you wrote, or we will have unrealistic expectations. This is a training program, so we encourage you to accurately portray yourself.
  • Please include in your application any special accommodations that you imagine you might need to be successful. For example, if you struggle with electronics, let us know that you might need extra support. If you have a learning disability like ADHD or Dyslexia, let us know what supports you might benefit from. If you have a history of panic attacks, or if you are a recovering alcoholic with 5 years sobriety, you might need support if you start to feel overwhelmed. If you were hospitalized for any reason within the last 5 years, let us know. All accommodation requests must be made in your initial application.

Step 3: The Interview

  • We will contact you to schedule an interview.