Painful Sex Group / Painful sex can be caused by many different conditions including vulvodynia, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, fibroids, ovarian cysts, vaginal infections, poor sexual techniques and relationship problems. Meet other women who struggle and cope with Painful Sex: This group will help both single women & women explore their sexuality and reduce the pain:

  • Learn how to cope with your medical condition and its effect on your sex life.
  • Develop the essential sexual skills that will enhance the quality of your sex life
  • Determine your own cultural, religious, and spiritual views of female sexuality
  • Create and implement a sexy environment in the bedroom
  • Identify your sexual fantasies and sexual turn-ons and discover techniques for sharing them with a lover
  • Gain information about pelvic floor relaxation exercises to practice at home with or with a partner
  • Reduce fear of specific sexual pain that prevents you from enjoying sexual intimacy
  • Develop skills to satisfy a partner’s sexual needs and desires while creating a pleasurable environment for yourself
  • Replace anxiety-producing cognitions with reality based self-affirming ideas and minimize distress in your sexual interactions both with self and others
  • Implement successful dating strategies for women who cope with sexual pain
  • Learn how to talk to your long term-partner or a new partner about your medical condition
  • Gain support and understanding from other women who deal with painful sex