Therapy in Philadelphia updated our domain name to The Center for Growth to better reflect that we now have offices in Philadelphia, PA, Ocean City, NJ, Mechanicsville, VA, Providence RI, Santa Fe NM, and offer Telehealth therapy services in Georgia, Florida, Connecticut, and Delaware.

We believe that each individual is unique and has the potential to achieve a fulfilling and rewarding life. There is no one best way of living; however, there are techniques and attitudes each of us can adopt to experience more pleasure and achieve an increased level of satisfaction. We define success not by how one completes a particular task, but rather by how one keeps going after a set-back. It is often only through failure that the real learning begins.

In the process of life mistakes are inevitable. We believe that people who are motivated can learn and grow from their mistakes. It is our belief that there is no right way to go through life – only your way.

The Center for Growth, Inc., a group of mental health therapists, is available to work with clients at all stages of life on a wide range of issues to help them achieve greater fulfillment and derive more satisfaction from life.

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