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Teen Therapy

Teen Therapy: In today’s world, teenagers are faced with unprecedented challenges. With advances in technology and the accessibility of social media, comparison culture is at an all-time high, and many teens are suffering from self-esteem issues, depression and anxiety. Teens are feeling more pressure to be perfect now more than ever, with an internet audience judging their performance. Being a teen has always had its challenges in regards to grappling with identity issues, emerging sexuality and feeling connected, and managing relationships. However, more than ever, teens are experiencing high levels of stress, anxiety and depression that gets in the way of their daily functioning. If your teenage child is having a hard time in their day-to-day life, it might be time to find a qualified therapist to help guide them through.

At the Center for Growth, our therapists are passionate and knowledgeable about working with teenagers. Teen therapy differs from adult therapy, and it’s important to find therapists with the knowledge needed to properly treat teen-related issues and help your teenager reach their goals. Teenagers are more vulnerable than adults, having less control over their environments at home and at school. Teens also have lower control over their own impulses, as they are still getting to know themselves and testing their limits. If your teenager is struggling to regulate their emotions, or cope with stress or change, seeing a therapist now can help them to develop healthy coping skills that they can carry with them into adulthood.

Instances of parental divorce, bullying, community violence, COVID, racism and loss can be considered traumatic to a teenager. Teens are more susceptible to develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after experiencing a trauma, or an overwhelming life event, than adults. This is because they are still figuring out how to make sense of their worlds and how to cope with strong emotions. They are still building their resources to manage life’s challenges. If your teenager is experiencing sleep disturbances, fearfulness, worry or if you notice behavioral changes, substance use or mood disturbances after a difficult event takes place, they might need extra support to process what happened and build healthy coping skills. This is crucial as young people are in the process of forming their identity. Therapy can increase resilience and reduce the impact a traumatic event has on a teen’s life. Early intervention is the key to helping a teen recover from traumatic circumstances.

At the Center for Growth, we focus on other teen issues with qualified therapists who treat ADHD, dyslexia, tourettes, focus and attention issues, eating disordered behavior, anxiety, OCD, compulsions, grief, loss, mood disorders, sexual orientation, gender identity, relationship issues, and much much more….

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