Unexpected Single SUPPORT GROUP
Ages 30-55

Are you recently separated or divorced? Has a long-term relationship ended? Come and meet other people who are dealing with the similar issues. Learn how make a successful transition back into the single life. Adjusting to single life can be a significant challenge, especially if you have been part of a couple for a long time. You may feel like you are totally unprepared.

Topics that will be discussed:

  • The grieving process – any change in our life begins a grief process. Learn about grief and discover the unique factors of your process.
  • Coping strategies to manage grief.
  • Building a single life – you are starting a new chapter in your life. What do you want it to look like?
  • Coping with learning new skills and taking over new responsibilities – how do you go about learning how to manage things that your ex always managed?
  • Dating and Sex – navigating the dating process and knowing when you are ready. Addressing fears and uncertainties.
  • Building a singles support network.
  • Single/Shared parenting – communicating and working with your ex.