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Mindfulness Based Skills Group

Mindfulness Skills Groups

Mondays, starting 2/1/2021

Online videoconferencing (link shared upon enrollment)

This group teaches mindfulness meditation practice: a powerful way to calm down, get to know your thoughts and feelings, and find joy in your life. You can learn more about this group by clicking the link to the group flyer and reviewing the FAQ below!


Who can join this group? Anyone! No meditation experience is required, and those who already have a meditation practice are welcome. That said, this group will not be a good fit if you're experiencing severe distress, so please ask your TCFG therapist before enrolling.

What's the cost? $10/session or free for TCFG clients.

Can I join any time? Yep! Although the skills taught build on each other, you can get a lot out of group no matter when you sign up.

How will I learn to meditate? We learn by talking to each other, learning about mindfulness, and practicing together. These three pillars - practicing, listening, and building community - provide a supportive environment for learning a simple, but challenging, skill. Each week, we learn about, try, and reflect on a different kind of meditation practice. The goal is to leave the group with a sense of how meditation might work in YOUR life, and the experience necessary to keep your practice going in a way that works for you.

Is there homework? Kind of. Meditation practice doesn't work very well if you only do it once a week, so the facilitator will suggest ways you can practice at home.

What will I learn?

This group is divided into 5 modules, each with two sessions:

  1. Calming Down: Calming Down the Body & Calming Down the Mind
  2. Tuning In: Mindfulness of Body & Mindfulness of Sound
  3. Letting Be: Allowing Thoughts & Allowing Feelings
  4. Taking Care: Care for Self & Care for Others
  5. Waking Up: Expanding Awareness & Being the Space

Do I need anything? A private, quiet place; a good internet connection; a straight-backed chair or meditation cushion (optional); a meditation app (see flyer for options); pillows and blankets (optional)


How do I sign up?

Contact Samantha Eisenberg, LCSW267 428 2615 or ask your TCFG therapist.

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