Psychiatry Services in Center City Philadelphia

Assessment: in a psychiatric evaluation you can expect the psychiatrist to explore with you the extent of how your symptoms are impacting you.  Your psychiatrist will ask you questions regarding the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of what you are dealing with.  Developing an understanding as to how the situation evolved often provides critical clues as to what might lead to an effective treatment plan.   Where possible (but only with client consent) the assessment includes speaking with the past or present treating therapist, as well as family members.  The initial psychiatric assessment is one hour.  Treatment is often a combination of medication and psychotherapy.  

For many people, medication is used to “open the curtains” and be your personal “battery pack” to give you the energy boost, and / or mental clarity so that you can do the emotional work that is needed. For others medication is a long term strategy used to re-calibrate a person’s sense of equilibrium. Medication is a powerful tool used to manage / correct imbalances in the body. 

Psychopharmacology: Psychiatric medication can be a powerful tool in the healing process.  Medication can improve a person’s sense of wellbeing. Many patients report feeling, more in control of their actions, better able to focus, and to get more out of life.  Commonly, the psychiatric medication is used short term (six months to one year) - just a boost to help a person manage a particular situation. Depending on your situation and the way your body responds to the medication you may use psychiatric medication as a long term solution.   

Medication Management: The frequency of your on-going sessions with the psychiatrist will depend on the severity of your symptoms as well as to how you respond to the medication.  The medication management appointments at the Center for Growth are 30 minutes long.  Scheduled appointments are mandatory.  The goal of therapy is to realize the maximum benefits of any given particular medication while minimizing any potential side effects that occasionally occur.  Even once the “proper” dosage has been established, a client’s responsiveness may change, thus requiring continued monitoring.

Following evaluation, clients will remain with our psychiatrists to manage their medication.  Our clientele can then choose to continue psychotherapy with the psychiatrist, or work with our therapists who will continue to work under the psychiatrist’s supervision.

At the Center for Growth, located in Center City Philadelphia, our psychiatrists and psychotherapists work closely as a team to provide our clients with a holistic treatment model.

If you have more questions about the psychiatry services that we offer, please do not hesitate to call (267) 324 9564.

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