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Therapist Fees


Due to COVID 19 clinicians are seeing all clients remotely using a VideoConferencing Platform. All five of our physical offices Society Hill Office Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Art Museum office Philadelphia Pennsylvania and Richmond Virginia, Ocean City New Jersey, Alpharetta Georgia are temporarily closed.

Licensed Therapists

Working Towards Licensure

Therapist Interns

Telephone: 215-922-LOVE (5683) x 100
Alex Robboy: 267-324-9564 (you can text me on this cell)

Once you start working with a therapist you can expect your fee to remain the same until treatment is complete. With this being said, there are three exceptions to this policy

  1. In the event that a client has taken more than a 3 month break from services and the therapist during this time raised their rates, then the therapist will offer a client a 50% discount on the increase.
  2. After interns graduate, clients who are mid-treatment, have the opportunity of choosing a different therapist to work with. The client will remain the same. If the intern transitions to employee status, clients will be offered a 50% discount on the fee increase.
  3. When a therapist becomes licensed, therapist’s raise their fees. To honor the existing relationship between client and therapist, clients will be given a 50% discount on the fee increase. This only applies to clients after they have worked with their therapist for a year or longer.

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