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Therapist Fees


We offer IN-PERSON and VIRTUAL appointments. Four of our physical offices are open: Society Hill Office Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Art Museum office Philadelphia Pennsylvania and Mechanicsville Virginia, Ocean City New Jersey

Licensed Therapists

Associate Therapists, Working Towards Licensure

Post- Masters Fellows

Psychologist Interns

Therapist Interns

Telephone: 215-922-LOVE (5683) x 100
Alex Robboy: 267-324-9564 (you can text me on this cell)

Once you start working with a therapist you can expect your fee to remain the same until treatment is complete. With this being said, there are three exceptions to this policy

  1. In the event that a client has taken more than a 3 month break from services and the therapist during this time raised their rates, then the therapist will offer a client a 50% discount on the increase.
  2. After interns graduate, clients who are mid-treatment, have the opportunity of choosing a different therapist to work with. The client will remain the same. If the intern transitions to employee status, clients will be offered a 50% discount on the fee increase.
  3. When a therapist becomes licensed, therapist’s raise their fees. To honor the existing relationship between client and therapist, clients will be given a 50% discount on the fee increase. This only applies to clients after they have worked with their therapist for a year or longer.

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