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Richard (Rick) Snyderman, LPC, CADC, CSAT, NCC (Therapist & Director of Support Groups)

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  • Anger
  • Anxiety & Panic Attacks
  • Bipolar
  • Depression
  • Erectile Dysfunctions/Delayed Ejaculation
  • Gender Identity
  • Infidelity / Cheating
  • Life Transitions
  • Low Self Esteem
  • OCD
  • Personality Disorders (narcissism, histrionic etc)
  • Phobias (fear of flying, fear of heights etc)
  • Sex, Love and/or Internet Addiction
  • Senior Therapy (65+)
  • Couples Counseling
  • Sex Therapy

Richard (Rick) Snyderman, LPC, CADC, CSAT, NCC (Therapist & Director of Support Groups)

Rick Snyderman, LPC, CADC, CSAT, NCC

Therapist & Director of Group Therapy

Rick Snyderman, LPC, CADC, CSAT, NCC (he/him/his) has been a therapist at The Center for Growth in Philadelphia PA for over the past three years. Rick provides in person and telehealth individual and couples therapy at the practice's Fairmount location. He also runs a group for people with problematic sexual thoughts, behaviors and behaviors support group for men that is currently meeting on telehealth, but has plans to move to in person once it feels more safe for clients to come to the office. Although Rick has a variety of therapeutic approaches and clinical experience, most of his background is in providing compulsion treatment with a cognitive-behavioral and psychodynamic approach. He specializes in the following clinical areas that will be further explained below:

Rick is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. He has a certification in alcohol and drug counseling and recovery from problematic sexual behaviors, thoughts and feelings therapy. He is also a National Certified Counselor. Rick has been in the field of psychotherapy for almost 30 years with a myriad of clinical experience with mental health concerns and recovery treatment in various levels of care. His philosophical outlook consists of believing everyone can transform themselves. He is passionate about being a seed in the process of change that helps people become the best versions of themselves that they can be. Aside from Rick Snyderman’s work with clients, he also provides clinical supervision to graduate-level student interns and other staff.

Rick Snyderman’s Therapeutic Approach at The Center for Growth in Philadelphia, PA & remote in NJ & DE

As mentioned earlier, Rick Snyderman has a variety of therapeutic approaches that are determined by the clinical issues of his clients. Although cognitive behavioral and psychodynamic approaches comprise his main style, he is also competent with experiential therapies such as emotionally-focused and internal family system techniques all designed to help clients get to the emotional root of their issues while also allowing a safe space for them to explore these often overlooked terrains of client care. In addition, Rick Snyderman is a big proponent of “therapeutic homework” so that issues talked about in session can continue to be practiced at home. Some examples of homework could include experimenting with a new behavior or thought process, completing written assignments, or simply reading a handout about the problem area that the client presents. All therapeutic interventions are selected by Rick based on the client’s individual needs and readiness level to work through them.

Problematic Sexual Behavior Therapy at The Center for Growth in Philadelphia, PA & remote in NJ & DE

Certified as a sexual addiction therapist (CSAT) since 2012, Rick Snyderman’s main specialty is working with adults who have sexual compulsive behaviors and other problematic behaviors, thoughts and feelings. Throughout the past ten years, Rick has extensive experience treating adults with problems such as compulsive pornography viewing, masturbation, and a host of other sexually acting out behaviors. Some of these sexually acting out behaviors include acting out with others while in a committed relationship, paying for sex, going to strip clubs, and attending massage parlors where “sexual favors” are expected at the end. Rick’s approach is to assist clients in identifying the problematic sexual behaviors they have engaged in that they are ready to change and the triggers the led up to them. The client will then learn to set boundaries and implement healthier coping skills around these stated triggers to preserve their goal of being sober from these problematic sexual behaviors, also known as “bottom-lines.” Through a supportive, non-judgmental lens, Rick works alongside the person who has problematic sexual behaviors in helping them resolve the negative consequences that resulted from their sexual problems such as helping to repair damaged relationships, learning to cope with the feelings of shame and guilt, and most notably, how to have a healthy sexual relationship with either their current partner or a future one.

Rick Snyderman also co-facilitates a Problematic Sexual Behaviors, Thoughts and Feelings Support Group for men where the clients come together weekly for on-going support in addition to the individual or couples therapy they are receiving. Rick’s therapeutic approach with sexual problems clients mostly involve cognitive-behavioral techniques, motivational interviewing, and family systems work. Helping clients understand betrayal trauma and learn ways to effectively join with and support their partner (who they may have cheated on) is also a large part of the work Rick does with his clients who have a problematic relationship with sex and / or love.

Treatment For People with Compulsive Behaviors, Thoughts and Feelings at The Center for Growth in Philadelphia, PA & remote in NJ & DE

Another area of the work that Rick Snyderman has a lot of experience is working with clients who have substance use problems. Having been in the field of problematic drug and alcohol usage for over two decades, Rick is a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor too. Rick has worked with compulsive adults in inpatient, intensive outpatient, and traditional outpatient levels of care in his career. He has been recognized by the Council on Chemical Abuse with an award for his outstanding service in the Berks County, Pennsylvania community back in 2014. He also has had many written articles published about different areas of the industry.

At The Center for Growth in Philadelphia, Rick has treated many clients at varying levels of their recovery. Helping people work through the feelings of shame, guilt, denial and other negative emotions that surface once a person stops using is a treatment focus that Rick Snyderman incorporates as an integral part of his counseling approach. Rick has also been instrumental in helping clients maintain a clean lifestyle along with the added support of Twelve Step Programs (AA, NA, CA). If the client is struggling to get clean, Rick will provide an assessment to determine the appropriate level of care so the client can get what they need and then return for on-going therapy with him, if appropriate. Rick’s therapeutic approach with clients includes motivational interviewing, cognitive-behavioral interventions, psychoeducation, and family systems work. For clients in later stages of recovery, Rick Snyderman will help the client work through issues such as unresolved family of origin problems and past trauma; all of which could result in relapse if not addressed. Rick will also assess for any “problematic interaction” issues such as compulsive behavioral like sex, food, workaholism, and gambling that the person may turn to as a replacement or mediation from the drug and alcohol usage that will also need to be addressed for a strong foundation of recovery to emerge.

Codependency Treatment at The Center for Growth in Philadelphia & remote in NJ & DE

Working with partners and families who have addicted loved ones is another prominent area of experience that Rick Snyderman has in his background. Through the implementation of individual and/or couples therapy, Rick supports partners who are in relationships with people who are struggling with problematic behaviors, feelings and thoughts. Rick assists partners with educating them about the importance of boundary setting, detachment, and betrayal trauma and how to accomplish their individual goals in any of these areas. Using a highly supportive, yet also a gently directive approach, Rick helps clients with codependency learn to trust themselves and reclaim their own personal integrity that will enable them to feel more empowered to make relational decisions that are best for them.

Therapy for LGBTQ issues at The Center for Growth in Philadelphia & remote in NJ & DE

If a client identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer, they deserve a therapist that takes their own individual lifestyle and specific needs into consideration. Rick Snyderman has experience working effectively with this population, especially around issues with compulsive behaviors, codependency, and other mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression. Rick understands the unique needs of the LGBTQ community such as barriers to “coming out,” fear of discrimination, as well as other issues unique to their sexuality. Rick’s ability to meet his clients where they are at emotionally (regardless of who they are or where they are from) and help move them towards their specific therapeutic goals, is a talent of Rick’s that has not gone unnoticed.

Couples Therapy with Rick Snyderman at The Center for Growth in Philadelphia & remote in NJ & DE

Rick Snyderman has been practicing couples therapy for several years. Utilizing more of a psychodynamic and emotionally focused approach, Rick has been instrumental in assisting couples to be able to not only communicate more effectively but learn how to be more present and self-reflective when in conversation with their partner without allowing defensiveness and other forms of self-protection from creating “blocks” to intimacy. Rick assists couples in sharpening their interpersonal skills such as learning to be more empathic and setting appropriate boundaries as the couple navigates through their problematic cycles and attachment injuries that brought them to therapy.

Anxiety, Depression, and Anger Management Therapy in Philadelphia, PA & remote in NJ & DE

Rick Snyderman is also experienced in treating mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, and anger management problems. He also utilizes a cognitive behavioral approach in helping clients identify the distorted beliefs that may contribute to these symptoms. Aside from just “talk therapy,” Rick implements other therapeutic interventions into his work with these disorders such as experiential exercises and structured homework assignments that could involve readings or completing worksheets designed to help a client extend their work on these issues beyond just therapy appointments. In Rick’s work with clients, symptoms of anxiety, depression, and anger are also thoroughly explored to conceptualize a larger clinical picture (if appropriate) over just the management of a specific symptom so the client can achieve lasting change.

Clinical Supervision with Rick Snyderman at The Center for Growth in Philadelphia, PA & remote in NJ & DE

Aside from almost 30 years of clinical experience working with clients between the field of both mental health and substance use disorder treatment, Rick Snyderman wears many other professional hats. Rick has written many published articles as well as authored several self-help tips at The Center for Growth in Philadelphia such as how to spend quality time with your partner. As stated earlier, Rick also provides other staff at The Center for Growth with clinical supervision to help other clinicians professionally grow in their area of specialty. He is also the Director of Group Therapy at The Center for Growth where Rick helps coordinate the multiple client support groups that are offered.

Rick Snyderman has also been recognized in the community throughout his career. Rick has organized and conducted many educational workshops and presentations for both professional as well as specific client populations. He also taught a graduate course in Substance Abuse at a local university for ten years.

If you would like to schedule an in person or telehealth therapy session with Rick Snyderman, please self schedule a therapy appointment with him or contact him at 267-428-2608.

Richard (Rick) Snyderman, LPC, CADC, CSAT, NCC (Therapist & Director of Support Groups)'s Resume

NPI: 1104394402


  • Pennsylvania: PC000172
  • New Jersey: 37PC00744800
  • Delaware: 72725503-1

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