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Professional Training (AASECT, LCSW, LPC Supervisor)

AASECT & LCSW Supervision is provided by "Alex" Caroline Robboy. She is a licensed Clinical Social Worker. She is an approved LCSW Supervisor and an approved AASECT Sex Therapy Supervisor.

LPC Supervision is provided by Dr. jennifer Foust. She has a Doctoral Degree in Philosophy Degree in Human Sexuality. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She is an approved LPC Supervisor.

Group: $1500 (25 hours)
Individual: $250/Hour Evening Rate, $150/Hour Daytime Rate

Please contact "Alex" Caroline Robboy to discuss your supervision needs 267-324-9564. Additionally, we offer a full training program for graduate students in a therapy related field, and a post-masters program for therapists seeking additional training.

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