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You can self-schedule an in-person or virtual appointment in Ocean City.  

We have many clinicians who offer virtual therapy services in NJ

In-Person Therapists (and Virtual)

Diana Parker, MSW, LSW (Associate Therapist)

Diana Parker, LSW (She / Her / Hers)

Associate Therapist

Pennsylvania , New Jersey


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Jordan Pearce, MA, LAC, NCC (Associate Therapist)

Jordan Pearce, MA, NCC, LAC (they/them)

Associate Therapist

New Jersey , Pennsylvania


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"Alex" Caroline Robboy, CAS, MSW, ACSW, LCSW (Founder)

Alex Robboy, CAS, MSW, ACSW, LCSW (She / Her / Hers)

Founder & Executive Director

Pennsylvania , New Jersey , New Mexico


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In-State Virtual Therapists

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In-Person Therapy in Ocean City, NJ, and Online Therapy in New Jersey

The Ocean City Mental Health Counseling & Therapy Office has lots of free parking on West Ave, directly in front of the building. Even during the busiest of months, client can find parking within a block or two of the building.

Ocean City therapists offer both in-person therapy at our beautiful Ocean City counseling and therapy office and online therapy in New Jersey. in New Jersey. We specialize in working with people who feel stuck in their lives and aren’t sure how to move forward.

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Therapy & Counseling Services offered in Ocean City NJ:

Whether you’re stuck in a relationship, career, emotional state like anxiety or depression, or experienced trauma, grief, or loss, or been struggling with gender identity, or problematic behavior like an affair, or compulsion—our Ocean City therapists are here to skillfully guide you. Our therapists are experts in working with ambivalence, uncertainty, fear, and anything else that may be keeping you stuck in difficult circumstances. Change is possible, and our Ocean City therapists are here to help you find the way.

Our Ocean City therapy office also specializes in sex therapy, grief therapy, couples counseling, marriage therapy and discernment therapy, and family therapy. We work with social anxiety, EMDR therapy, trauma therapy, intimate partner violence, mindfulness therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), grief and babyloss, non binary and transgender therapy. We also offer online support groups in Ocean City and in-person retreats for individuals and couples at our Ocean City, NJ, therapy office.

In addition, we are actively hiring licensed therapists in Ocean City New Jersey.

In-Person Couples Counseling in Ocean City and Online Couples Counseling in New Jersey

In couples counseling, one of our trained couples therapists in Ocean City will typically meet weekly with a couple. As appropriate, the therapist may also meet periodically with each person in the relationship individually.

Our Ocean City therapists help couples to save a struggling relationship, prepare for marriage, strengthen their bond, or decide to break up. You may also want to work out a specific issue that is impacting the relationship with your partner. Our trained couples therapists in Ocean City provide therapeutic support in the following areas

In-Person Grief Therapy in Ocean City and Online Grief Therapy in New Jersey

Grief Therapy in Ocean City: What to Expect from Grief Therapy

Our Ocean City therapists specialize in providing in-person grief therapy and online grief therapy in New Jersey. Grief therapy involves sharing the story of your loss with a grief therapist who will guide you to explore the emotional impact of that loss while also supporting you to find a path forward in your life.

Our Ocean City grief therapists have extensive experience supporting people through all types of losses, including:

Grief Therapy in Ocean City: What Do Grief Therapy Sessions Look Like?

Grief therapy looks a little different for everyone because everyone’s expression of grief is unique. Our Ocean City grief therapists work with you to find healthy ways to relate to your grief, mourning, and bereavement. We may help you to uncover barriers that are preventing you from freely expressing your grief as it arises. We then typically encourage you to find expressive outlets for that grief, whether through talking, dancing, painting, or other ways that allow you to “let it all out.”

If grieving a death loss, your Ocean City grief therapist will support you to continue the bond with your loved one. Your therapist will help you to brainstorm ways to maintain an ongoing dialogue and sense of connection. Some examples include creating rituals, like visiting a gravesite on a regular basis, or creating a memory box you add to over time with notes and memorabilia. Prayer, journaling, and meditation are other ways that our therapists may encourage you to maintain a connection with your loved one.

Our grief therapists in Ocean City (also serving New Jersey) will help you to be proactive about your grief. Grief often comes in unpredictable waves, so our therapists will support you to create self-care plans, particularly in preparation for challenging future events, like anniversaries and gatherings.

Our therapists will also help you to make meaning from and honor the loss or the part of you that has changed. Your grief therapist will support you to reflect how the loss informs your values and sense of purpose moving forward.

In-Person Anxiety Therapy in Ocean City and Online Anxiety Therapy in New Jersey

Our Ocean City therapists understand that while everyone is wired to feel anxiety, some people experience more distressing levels of anxiety and panic than others. Our anxiety therapists in Ocean City will provide you with techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness therapy in order to effectively manage anxiety so that it doesn’t rule your life. Importantly, our therapists are trained to help you cultivate a compassionate relationship with your anxiety rather than focusing on how to get rid of it. You may even be surprised to find that anxiety adds some benefit to your life.

Social Anxiety Therapy in Ocean City

If you have a persistent fear of being embarrassed and/or an intense fear of being negatively judged by others, you may be suffering from social anxiety. Our therapists in Ocean City are trained to help those experiencing social anxiety to gain more awareness of the relationship between their thoughts, feelings, and behavior so they can interrupt self-defeating patterns and live their lives more fully.

Typically, people with social anxiety imagine themselves going to a social event and have a thought about looking bad in front of others there. That thought makes them feel scared, which then influences them to behave in a way that feels safer in the moment, like avoiding going to the social event. Unfortunately, the more people with social anxiety avoid social situations that scare them, the stronger their fear will grow, leading to even more self-isolation.

Our Ocean City therapists specialize in helping people to use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness therapy to better manage fear and avoidance so that social anxiety doesn’t limit your social life. Take the risk and schedule a social anxiety therapy appointment.

In-Person Trauma Therapy in Ocean City and Online Trauma Therapy in New Jersey

Trauma can be experienced in many ways, but what defines trauma is less about the content of the event(s) and more about the psychological response to it. If you feel stuck with fear, anxiety, sadness, and disconnection following a discrete event, like a car accident, or after the cumulation of repeated events, such as domestic abuse experienced over time, you may have symptoms of post-traumatic stress. Our trained trauma therapists in Ocean City can provide you with skills and support for healing from trauma and moving forward with your life. Take the risk and schedule a trauma therapy appointment.

EMDR Therapy in Ocean City

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy is one technique that is used to help heal from trauma. EMDR is a brief structured therapy that has the client focus on the traumatic memory while concurrently being exposed to bilateral stimulation (typically eye movements). EMDR therapy is shown to reduce the emotion associated with the traumatic memories. Take the risk and schedule an EMDR therapy appointment.

Mindfulness Therapy in Ocean City

Mindfulness is another effective approach for healing from trauma, and our Ocean City therapists are trained in mindfulness-based techniques. By strengthening the mind-body connection and helping clients to live in the present moment, mindfulness-based therapy can help clients to become more aware of the psychological patterns causing them distress, more accepting of their emotions, and more compassionate with themselves. In all, mindfulness therapy helps clients to be less triggered by past traumas and better able to manage their post-traumatic symptoms. Take the risk and schedule a mindfulness therapy appointment.

In-Person Sex Therapy in Ocean City and Online Sex Therapy in New Jersey

Sex Therapy in Ocean City: What to Expect from Sex Therapy

Our Ocean City sex therapists have specialized training in sexual function, sexual dysfunction, and sexual compulsive treatment. Specifically we work with low sexual desire, sexual discrepancies, erectile dysfunctions, premature ejaculation, painful sex, sexual trauma, infertility, GLBTQI+, kink, BDSM, Because we have specific sex therapy training, our Ocean City sex therapists offer a more effective service for sexual problems than other forms of therapy. During sessions, you can talk with our Ocean City sex therapists about your most intimate problems and receive evidence-based solutions for how to solve them.

Sex Therapy in Ocean City: What Do Sex Therapy Sessions Look Like?

During the first few sessions with your Ocean City sex therapist, we will focus on getting to know you and learning more about your problem. This may include learning about your family background, psychological issues, and relationship history. We will especially emphasize your sexual history so we can understand how you learned about sex and sexuality, what values you hold around sexuality, and what your sexual behaviors have looked like to date.

Our trained Ocean City sex therapists will work with you to collaboratively develop an appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan. Based on that plan, we will either focus our sex therapy work specifically on your sexual concerns or more broadly on how sexual issues impact your world.

We begin sex therapy treatment in Ocean City using a behavioral therapeutic model, which means that treatment is usually short-term and highly-focused with the therapist assigning you exercises to practice at home in between sessions. Depending on the sexual issue, you may do these exercises by yourself and/or with a partner. When appropriate, your sex therapist will then work with you to process underlying issues, like trauma, that may be inhibiting your free expression of sexuality. Take the risk and schedule yourself a sex therapy appointment.

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