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Our therapists are subject to rigorous clinical and academic training as mandated by state, local, and federal law. Many of our therapists carry multiple state licenses. We doing counseling & therapy in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Virginia, Georgia and Florida. In addition to In Person therapy and counseling we do Virtual therapy and counseling: individual counseling, couples counseling, marriage therapy, family therapy, play therapy, child therapy, teen therapy. We do sex therapy, anger therapy, anxiety therapy, depression therapy, grief therapy, trauma therapy, shame therapy, therapy for people with neurodiversity. We have therapists that specialize in FND, postpartum depression, Baby loss, divorce, legal issues just to name a few.

Current Therapists & Counselors

Therapy & Counseling Services in Providence RI, Ocean City NJ, Philadelphia PA, Mechanicsville VA & Santa Fe NM

If you would like to schedule a therapy appointment, you are encouraged to look at our clinician's biographies and schedule online. Each therapist & counselor's phone number is listed on their home page or you can call 215-922-LOVE (5683) x 100 and speak with one of our intake specialists or to call (267) 324-9564.

InPerson Therapy & Virtual Counseling: Child, Teens, Adults, Couples, Family Therapy and Support Groups. Anxiety, OCD, Panic Attack Therapy, Depression Therapy, FND Therapy, Grief Therapy, Neurodiversity Counseling, Sex Therapy, Trauma Therapy: Therapy in Providence RI, Philadelphia PA, Ocean City NJ, Santa Fe NM, Mechanicsville VA