Jonah Taylor (Intern Therapist)

Jonah Taylor (he/him) is an intern therapist at The Center for Growth / Therapy in Philadelphia and is completing a master’s degree in clinical social work at Rutgers University. He is dedicated to helping people work towards growth and change guided by their strengths and values. Jonah brings special interests in mindfulness, compassion, and creative expression as tools for coping with pain, navigating uncertainty, and making meaning in our lives.

As is often said, healing takes place within relationships. With warmth and humor, Jonah provides a safe and supportive space to be yourself fully and completely. Jonah is particularly welcoming to anyone reckoning with who they are, including those experiencing grief or illness, teens and emerging adults, and people exploring their gender or sexual identities.

In his previous master’s internship, Jonah provided behavioral therapy services to youth and their caregivers. Prior to that, Jonah worked as a designer in the technology industry. He brings the same curiosity and creativity animating his former work to his counseling approach, and he is very glad to now be working with people instead of pixels.

Outside of his internship, Jonah is a visual artist and can often be found hiking the trails of the Philadelphia area.

Jonah Taylor (Intern Therapist)'s Resume


  • Pennsylvania: Graduate student working towards his MSW, under supervision
  • New Jersey: Graduate student working towards his MSW, under supervision