Psychological Assessment

A psychological assessment provides insight not only for the client, but also the clinician, psychiatrist, and educator.  A psychological assessment provides knowledge regarding a client’s intellectual functioning, personality, coping style, and presenting symptoms.  Based upon findings, it allows the clinician to clarify the diagnosis and tailor therapy to best fit the client.  

Assessments usually begin with an interview and available record review.  This allows the clinician to gather information regarding your current situation and symptoms, along with a comprehensive background and history of family, education, occupation, interpersonal, and medical. 

Components assessing cognitive functioning, personality, and/or specific symptoms may be incorporated depending on the referral question.  Cognitive functioning tests provide information regarding your cognitive ability, strengths, and weaknesses, learning style, or presence of a learning disability.  Personality assessments show how you perceive and organize the self and the world around you, your coping style, interpersonal and emotional functioning, and your conscious or unconscious awareness.  Specific symptom tools assess the current symptoms your may be experiencing, such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, or substance use. 

Here at The Center for Growth, Inc, we use a psychological evaluation to assess for mood disorders, ADHD, PTSD, substance use, and personality disorders. 

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