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Anxiety & Depression Support Group

Do you feel sad, irritable, angry, or indifferent? Have you experienced unexplained episodes of crying? Do you feel anxious, guilty or worthless? Do you have difficulty making decisions? Do you feel paralyzed and unable to move forward? Do you feel unable to take pleasure in the things you used to enjoy? If so, then you might benefit from joining our Anxiety & Depression Support Group.

Our Anxiety & Depression Support Groups focus on:

  • Identifying anxiety & depression, and how it affects people
  • Decreasing isolation & nervous energy
  • Exploring the mind/body connection
  • Learning other’s perspectives & creating a reality check
  • Improving communication
  • Developing behavioral-cognitive methods for coping
  • Developing strategies for change

Registration Fee $25
Weekly Support Group Fee $10

To enroll in our Anxiety & Depression Support Group, call Melvin 267-428-2612

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