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Life After the Narcissist Support Group

Life After The Narcissist Virtual Support Group Were you raised by narcissists? Have you dated one? Do you find yourself in partnerships in which your feelings and needs are not valued? Have you tried tirelessly to have conversations in which you are heard and respected with little to no result? Have your boundary requests been denied or trampled over? Do you struggle to trust that your inner experiences are valid? Do you struggle to feel like you have any rights in your relationship? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might benefit from joining our Life After The Narcissist Support Group.

Here, you will meet other people going through similar experiences of being connected to a narcissist. Together, we can work on skills to help you feel more validated on an inner-level, and help to identify the common effects of being in relationship with a narcissistic person. Within narcissistic relationships, the non-narcissistic person may feel as though their feelings, thoughts and needs are not valid or wanted. You may feel used, confused and de-stabilized after spending time with your narcissistic person. It may be hard to find yourself in the midst of a narcissistic relationship because narcissists lack empathy and the ability to attune to others in a way that honors them as separate human beings. Your narcissist may refuse to acknowledge responsibility for the pain and hurt they’ve caused you, and you may have ended up blaming yourself for their mistreatment and inability to have two-way conversations that result in a reasonable level of resolution. All of these experiences are extremely frustrating, as well as alienating.

During The Life After The Narcissist Virtual Support Group, we will help each other feel less alone by sharing experiences and working on ways that we can enhance loving self-trust, and become inner-validators of our emotional experiences. Your feelings matter and your thoughts are valid even if the narcissist cannot respect or empathize with them.

The Life After The Narcissist Virtual Support Group meets bi-weekly on Tuesdays from 7-8pm.

Registration Fee $25
Fee $10 (free for existing TCFG Clients)

To enroll in our Life After the Narcissist Virtual Support Group, call Amanda at 267-244-1616.

Help is available. You don't have to do this alone.