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  • Tonya McDaniel

Therapy & Counseling
Services we Offer at the Center for Growth

  • Individual Counseling
  • Couples Counseling
  • Teen Therapy & Adolescent Therapy
  • Play Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Gender Identity & Sexual Orientation Counseling
  • Art Therapy & Counseling
  • Neurodiversity: ADHD, Dyslexia, Tourettes, and Autism Therapy
  • Panic, Anxiety, OCD Therapy
  • Codependency
  • Compulsive, Dependent and Obsessive Problematic Behaviors Counseling
  • Mood Disorders, Depression, Bipolar 1 and Bipolar 2
  • Grief & Loss Therapy: loss of baby, loss of spouse, loss of friend, loss of pet
  • Mindfulness Therapy
  • Sex Therapy: orgasm problems, painful sex, mismatched libido, kink, open relationships, affairs, sexually shut down, infertility
  • Shame Therapy
  • Trauma Therapy
  • Personality Disorders Therapy: Narcissism, Borderline, Histrionic
  • Therapy for Couples Considering Divorce
  • Blended Families
  • Therapy for Students

Individual Counseling (One to one therapy, individual therapy to manage anxiety, depression, grief, loss, personality disorders, bipolar disorder, individual trauma therapy, therapy for anger issues, therapy to explore family of origin issues, individual sex therapy, therapy to manage shame, relationships, transitions, therapy to help individuals discover themselves, therapy for individuals across cultures.)

    When seeking individual counseling at the Center for Growth, know that you will be placed with a trusted clinician who can help you through a variety of issues. Teletherapy services mean you have more access to expert clinicians from the comfort of your own home, without needing to be located close to our offices. Individual counseling can help with depression, anxiety and a variety of mood disorders and personality disorders. Individual counseling can be a game-changer if you’ve experienced trauma and want help regaining control of your life. Individual counseling can help you process the close relationships in your life. Seeking individual counseling is a courageous act, and we want to honor how difficult it can be to take the first step.

    Couples Counseling (Relationship counseling for couples who are dating, married, in long-term relationships, in short-term relationships, polyamorous couples counseling, couples counseling for polycules, discernment counseling, sex therapy for couples, divorce counseling, couples counseling for infidelity, counseling for couples who are separating.)

    You will receive expert couples counseling when choosing the Center for Growth. Our clinicians are trained to serve a variety of relationship orientations within the couples counseling arena. Couples counseling can be monumental when dealing with issues such as infidelity, high conflict and more. Couples counseling can help if you are thinking about getting married, raising children or planning for the future. Couples counseling works best if you find a counselor who is specifically trained to do the work for you and your partner(s).

    Teen Therapy and Adolescent Therapy (Ages 11-21) (Therapy for teens and tweens, therapy for teens with mood disorders, teen therapy for anxiety, teen therapy for depression, teen therapy for emerging personality disorders, therapy to support teens through divorce and family changes, teen therapy for blended families, teen therapy for support in education, therapy for bullying, teen therapy for trauma, teen therapy for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD.)

    When searching for teen therapy and adolescent therapy it’s vital that you find a therapist who specializes in working with issues specific to teens and adolescents. Teen therapy and adolescent therapy is a great way for your child to feel empowered and gain an outsider’s perspective. Teen therapy and adolescent therapy can also help with changes in the family. If your teen or adolescent is diagnosed with depression, anxiety or ADHD, it’s especially important to access teen therapy and adolescent therapy from a skilled clinician to help them gain coping skills and an increased understanding of themselves to prepare them for emerging adulthood.

    Family Therapy (Family therapy for blended families, families going through divorce, families with teens, families with young children, co-parenting counseling, therapy for families who experienced grief, loss, trauma, mental illness, substance use.)

    Family therapy is a great option for families of all ages. Family therapy can serve families with young children, adolescents and teens. Family therapy can also assist with the relationship between adult children and their parents. Family therapy can help with co-parenting, or to aid in assisting families going through a traumatic experience. Family therapy can be done virtually or in-person depending on the preferences of the family.

    Art Therapy and Counseling (Art therapy for individuals experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma, shame, relationship issues, grief and loss)

    Art therapy and counseling is not just for artists. Art therapy can be advantageous for all ages, and all skill-levels. Art therapy and counseling is beneficial for anxiety, depression, trauma and more. When receiving art therapy and counseling from a skilled art therapist, they will help you use art as a medium to express feelings. Art therapy and counseling can provide you with another way to process your experiences, often pulling from more creative parts of the brain. Art therapy and counseling can quite literally give you a new perspective. Art therapy is a specialized service offered at the Center for Growth.

    ADHD Therapy (Therapy for individuals with ADHD, therapy to help individuals focus, therapy for executive functioning, therapy for organization, ADHD therapy for daily management of ADHD.)

    ADHD therapy is available both in-person and via teletherapy through the Center for Growth. ADHD therapy can help individuals with ADHD increase their ability to master their life’s tasks. ADHD therapy is an important step in the process of getting to know yourself as someone on the non-neurotypical spectrum. Finding a skilled therapist delivering ADHD therapy can be a challenge, but luckily the Center for Growth has ADHD experts who can assist you at any stage of your ADHD journey.

    Anxiety, Panic, OCD Therapy (Therapy for anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder, OCD, Panic Disorder, therapy for panic attacks, exposure prevention and response therapy, or ERP, for OCD, mindfulness therapy for anxiety.)

    Anxiety, Panic and OCD Therapy is available in person and virtually through the Center for Growth. Anxiety, Panic and OCD Therapy can increase the quality of your life. It takes a special clinician to help you heal from OCD(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). We have OCD specialists at the Center for Growth. Anxiety, Panic and OCD Therapy can be obtained quickly and easily through booking online. Click the link above for Anxiety, Panic and OCD Therapy.

    Codependency Therapy Services (Therapy for codependency, therapy for compulsive love or sex, compulsive thoughts, behaviors and / or feelings, therapy for codependency and childhood trauma, trauma therapy for people with codependency.)

    Codependency therapy services are provided by experts in codependency at the Center for Growth. Codependency is a broad term, but there are hallmarks of folks suffering with being codependent. Codependency therapy services include helping people form a stronger sense of self and boundaries to remain healthy and intact in their personal relationships. Codependency therapy services can mean higher relationship satisfaction. Codependency therapy services can help you have the relationships you want, while maintaining a healthy relationship with self.

    Depression Therapy Services (Depression therapy, therapy for Bipolar Disorder, mindfulness therapy for depression, therapy for depression and anxiety, therapy for major depressive disorder, therapy for sadness, grief, loss and shame.)

    Depression therapy services include services for bipolar disorder. Depression therapy services also allow active individual therapy clients to access a Depression and Anxiety Support Group at no extra cost. Depression therapy services can help you pull yourself out of isolation. Depression therapy services can help you feel less alone. Depression therapy services can assist you in learning coping skills to not only heal from depression, but live a more meaningful and fulfilling life overall.

    Grief & Loss Therapy (Grief and loss therapy, baby loss, spousal loss, pet loss, prolonged grief, complicated grief, trauma and grief therapy, depression after loss therapy, child loss therapy, therapy for loss through community violence.)

    Grief and loss therapy encompasses treatment for all different kinds of loss. At the Center for Growth, we empathize that grief affects everyone differently. We also offer a Grief and Loss Support Group for individual therapy clients at no extra charge. Grief and loss therapy is a safe space for you to be honest about how loss is affecting you. Grief and loss therapy includes baby loss and complicated grief. Grief and loss therapy is offered by expert therapists who specialize in grief and loss. Grief and loss therapy can help you move through the stages of grief and beyond.

    Mindfulness Based Therapy (Mindfulness therapy, Mindfulness therapy for depression and anxiety, spiritually-based therapy, chrisitian counseling, culturally sensitive counseling, somatic based therapy, mind and body connection therapy, therapy incorporating yoga.)

    Mindfulness based therapy is a wonderful option for folks struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma and more. Mindfulness based therapy can include mindful movement and somatic work. Mindfulness based therapy helps folks to tap into the here and now of their experiences. There is so much to learn from being present with ourselves, while having a therapist there for guidance and support. Mindfulness based therapy can include a spiritual or meditative component. Mindfulness based therapy is given by mindfulness experts at the Center for Growth.

    Sex Therapy (Sex therapy for couples, sex therapy for individuals, trauma-informed sex therapy, sex therapy for sexual trauma, kink-friendly therapy)

    Sex therapy is best delivered by a specialist. Sex therapy is offered at the Center for Growth both in-person and virtually. Sex therapy can be accessed for individuals or couples. Sex therapy is traum-informed and offers concrete ways to improve your personal relationship with sex, and/or your sex life with another person. Sex therapy includes awareness of kink and different relationship styles, different sexual orientations and gender expressions. Sex therapy can be healing and help you to better understand your authentic sexual self.

    Shame Therapy (Therapy for shame, therapy for guilt, therapy for toxic shame, therapy for core shame, therapy for trauma and shame, therapy for sexuality and releasing shame)

    Shame therapy can help folks who’ve suffered trauma. Shame therapy can assist with feelings of guilt. Shame therapy can help if you’re not feeling good enough, regardless of whether or not you know why. Sometimes we get used to feeling shame about ourselves and who we are, and we need a therapist who understands shame to help us through. Shame therapy can dramatically increase the quality of your life and self-esteem. Shame therapy can improve the relationship you have with yourself and others.

    Trauma Therapy (Therapy for trauma, sexual trauma, emotional abuse, physical trauma, chronic illness, chronic pain, therapy for accidents, therapy for narcissistic abuse, sexual assault, therapy for survivors of childhood trauma, therapy for PTSD, therapy for veterens, therapy for complex trauma, C-PTSD, therapy for racial trauma, therapy for racism.)

    When you’ve dealt with trauma, you need someone who really understands how to facilitate trauma therapy. Being trauma-informed is essential, but it often takes a specialized therapist to provide therapy for something like long-term, complex trauma and its effects. Trauma therapy for PTSD is essential for bringing your nervous system back into balance after a traumatic event. Trauma therapy at the Center for Growth also includes therapy for narcissistic abuse survivors, which is a speciality rarely found. Trauma therapy can be sought out at any age; it’s never too late to start healing.

    Therapy for Students (Therapy for grade school students, therapy for high school students, therapy for college students, therapy for graduate students, transition issues, adjusting to demands of college.)

    Therapy for students can help with a variety of struggles regardless of where you are in your educational journey. Therapy for students can help college students with transition issues. Therapy for students can help graduate students of all ages get back into student life. Therapy for students can help with test anxiety, prioritization and ADHD struggles. Therapy for students can help high school students, and elementary school students with friendships, academic performance and

    Play Therapy (Play therapy for children and adolescence, family play therapy, play therapy for trauma, play therapy for anxiety.)

    Play therapy is an excellent option for children and adolescents because it helps them express themselves in ways that words alone cannot. Play therapy is a unique option for children who’ve experienced trauma. Play therapy can be a family endeavor and help parents learn about their children. Play therapy can help children with anxiety, depression and family changes. Play therapy can also be fun.

    What is Teletherapy?

    Teletherapy is psychotherapy delivered through technology like video conferencing or over the phone. Advanced broadband internet now makes it possible to access real time video conferencing from the comfort of your own home. Teletherapy is an easily accessible, and convenient way to obtain therapy without needing to travel anywhere. Therapists are licensed by state, so if you live in a rural part of a state, you can now access psychotherapy from a trained clinician who lives in a more densely populated area. Due to advances in technology, video and phone calls have become a lot more safe and secure, making teletherapy a confidential, discrete option for many folks.

    Teletherapy has been around for awhile, but increased in availability due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Thankfully, technology made it possible for people to continue getting treatment throughout the height of the pandemic. And now, many people find the convenience of teletherapy more appealing than coming into an office. Teletherapy is here to stay, and we will continue to offer it in the safest, and most secure way with our expert therapists at the Center for Growth.

    Benefits of Teletherapy


    Teletherapy is a great option to find an expert in your state, regardless of how far away you are from them. Expert therapists are difficult to locate in most parts of the United States. Most therapists are trained to treat anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and anger problems. For those struggles, a neighborhood therapist is likely an adequate option. However, for issues like personality disorders, C-PTSD and trauma recovery, you might only find specialists in major metropolitan areas. Issues like adoption, sexual compulsive thoughts, feelings and / or behaviors, codependency and veteran care are other examples of issues you’re better off finding a specialist to treat.

    Sex therapy is a specific service that is often only available in major cities. And when seeking therapy for specific issues, it can be comforting to know they are at a distance. When you want your confidentiality to be protected, online therapy adds a layer of reassurance that you won’t see a neighbor or friend on the way out of your therapist’s office!

    Busy Schedule

    Finding the time to attend therapy is a common dilemma for busy people who desire therapy. Many parents with younger children have to be home and might want to seek therapy when their child is down for a nap. And some folks just don’t want the hassle of finding parking in a major city. After commuting, sometimes the process of having therapy can be double the time of the actual therapy session. With advancement in technology, you can see a therapist on your own time, in the space of your own home. At the Center for Growth, not only do we offer teletherapy services, but we have clinicians with a variety of scheduling options to fit your needs.

    People with Disabilities

    People with disabilities both physical and mental can benefit from teletherapy. People who struggle with agoraphobia or social anxiety may feel better accessing therapy remotely, and the therapist can talk to them within the environment they feel safe in. Physical disabilities of a temporary or permanent nature may post unique obstacles to accessing the right therapist. Folks with hearing or vision impairments, or those with mobility struggles can benefit from having access to teletherapy.


    Comfort of the therapy space is determined by the individual seeking therapy. For some people, therapy is a ritual. They might have their favorite chair or blanket that brings them comfort and helps them to open up. It can be comforting to wear your favorite baggy T-shirt with mismatched socks, snuggling your pet when you are talking through challenging issues. And it can be lovely to be guided through a therapeutic meditation when in the comfort of your favorite couch.

    Other folks may enjoy having therapy behind a closed door in their office space, incorporating therapy into their workday. It’s totally up to the individual what comfort looks and feels like to them.


    Detachment can be liberating for some folks. The actual physical distance from their therapist allows clients to show up more vulnerable and “raw” in the therapeutic process. A different side of the client can sometimes be revealed. By sitting in a comfortable space and/or by being on the telephone with no visuals at all, some people find it easier to communicate freely and openly. People tend to have fewer boundaries in the virtual world.

    Think about the last few months of emails, phone calls or text messages you’ve had with your boss, parents, friends, lover or a date. How might communication have differed if you were sitting in the same room with that person? Many times communicating virtually will shift each person’s experience, or make it easier to say something you otherwise wouldn’t say in-person. This can actually be good practice in gaining the courage to better communicate in the face-to-face realm.

    Take it to the Next Level

    Individuals who are stuck in repeating patterns with their old therapist may benefit from a fresh new start via teletherapy. It’s easy to arrange for a meeting with a new therapist at the Center for Growth. Perhaps a telephone session might be useful to gain a second opinion or a new perspective. Sometimes it’s necessary to meet with a more experienced, or specialized therapist in order to move to the next level of care.

    Increase your Verbal Skills

    The success of telephone therapy relies in part on your willingness to grow your verbal skills. Therapy over the phone does not allow for individuals to see nonverbal cues. Virtual communication is much more dependent on your word choice and tone than visual cues. A good therapist can help you to strengthen these critical skills. On-line therapy using streaming video approximates the feel of in-person therapy and may be more preferable to some.

    Virtual therapy can be what you need it to be. You are in control of the session’s ambiance. Convenience is on your side in regards to logistics. You have more freedom to disclose intimate details about yourself. Teletherapy allows you to find an expert regardless of your proximity to the clinician, giving you more treatment options.

    InPerson Therapy & Virtual Counseling: Child, Teens, Adults, Couples, Family Therapy and Support Groups. Anxiety, OCD, Panic Attack Therapy, Depression Therapy, FND Therapy, Grief Therapy, Neurodiversity Counseling, Sex Therapy, Trauma Therapy: Therapy in Providence RI, Philadelphia PA, Ocean City NJ, Santa Fe NM, Mechanicsville VA