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Sex Therapy

What can you expect from sex therapy?
Sex therapy is superior to other forms of therapy for sexual problems because sex therapists have specific training in sexual function and dysfunction. Additionally, many (but not all) of our sex therapists have specialized in sex addiction treatment. In your sessions, you will have the opportunity to talk openly about your most intimate problems and receive specific suggestions about how to solve them.

What will happen in your sessions?
The first few sessions are spent getting to know you and understanding your problem. You will explore your psycho-social background and your family dynamics. Special emphasis will be placed on your sexual history, including how you learned about sexuality, and how you developed your sexual values and your sexual behaviors to date. The trained therapist, with your input, will develop an appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan. Depending upon your needs and wants, we can focus our work specifically on just the sexual issues or address the overall issues that are happening in your world.

Sex therapy treatment typically begins using a behavioral model (with special exercises given at the end of each session to be practiced at home by yourself or with your partner). Treatment is usually short-term. However, when necessary, the therapist will work with you to resolve long-term underlying issues which may inhibit free expression of sexuality.

For your convenience we have offices in 4 states and are able to work virtually with clients living in VA, PA, NJ, FL and GA.

  • Ocean City Office 360 West Ave, Floor 1, Ocean City, NJ 08226
  • Richmond Office 1806 Summit Ave, Suite 300 #1006, Richmond VA 23230
  • Alpharetta Office 11720 Amber Park Drive, Suite 160, Alpharetta GA 30006
  • Society Hill Office 233 S. 6th Street, C-33, Philadelphia PA 19106
  • Art Museum / Fairmount Office 2401 Pennsylvania Ave, Suite 1a2, Philadelphia PA 19130
  • Telemedicine: We have therapists who are licensed to work in Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, Virginia and Pennsylvania

If you would like to schedule a therapy appointment, you are encouraged to look at our clinician's biographies and schedule online. Each therapists phone number is listed on their home page or you can call 215-922-LOVE (5683) x 100 and speak with one of our intake specialists or to call (267) 324-9564.

Help is available. You don't have to do this alone.