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What can you expect from sex therapy?

Sex therapy is superior to other forms of therapy for sexual problems because sex therapists have specific training in sexual function and dysfunction. Additionally, many (but not all) of our sex therapists have specialized in the treatment of sexual compulsions, otherwise known as problematic sexual behaviors. In your sessions, you will have the opportunity to talk openly about your most intimate problems and receive specific suggestions about how to solve them.

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What will happen in your sex therapy sessions?

The first few sessions are spent getting to know you and understanding your problem. You will explore your psycho-social background and your family dynamics. Special emphasis will be placed on your sexual history, including how you learned about sexuality, and how you developed your sexual values and your sexual behaviors to date. The trained sex therapist, with your input, will develop an appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan. Depending upon your needs and wants, we can focus our work specifically on just the sexual issues or address the overall issues that are happening in your world.

Sex therapy treatment typically begins using a behavioral model (with special exercises given at the end of each session to be practiced at home by yourself or with your partner). Treatment is usually short-term. However, when necessary, the therapist will work with you to resolve long-term underlying issues which may inhibit free expression of sexuality.

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At TCFG the specific techniques and interventions used in sex therapy can vary depending on the actual client and their presenting issue. Recovering from an erectile dysfunction is going to look very different than someone recovering from childhood sex abuse and different from a couple who are struggling with infertility. Here are some examples of sex therapy techniques presented in no particular order:

  1. Communication exercises: Sex therapists often work with couples to improve communication skills, helping them talk openly about their sexual desires, needs, and concerns.
  2. Sensate focus: This technique involves non-sexual touching and exploration to increase intimacy and sensuality between partners, focusing on mutual pleasure and relaxation.
  3. Education and information: Sex therapists may provide clients with accurate information about sexual anatomy, arousal, and response to dispel misconceptions and reduce anxiety.
  4. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT): This approach helps individuals identify and challenge negative thought patterns and beliefs related to sex, leading to more positive attitudes and behaviors.
  5. Behavioral techniques: These may include techniques like sensate focus exercises, stop-start techniques for premature ejaculation, or gradual desensitization for sexual aversion.
  6. Masturbation exercises: For individuals experiencing difficulties with sexual functioning, masturbation exercises may be prescribed to help them become more comfortable with their bodies and increase awareness of their responses.
  7. Sensation and pleasure mapping: This involves exploring and understanding the body's pleasure zones and responses through self-exploration and communication with a partner.
  8. Role-playing and fantasy exploration: These exercises can help individuals and couples explore their desires and fantasies in a safe and consensual manner.
  9. Body image work: Sex therapy may include addressing body image issues that affect sexual confidence and enjoyment.
  10. Relationship counseling: In many cases, sexual issues are intertwined with broader relationship dynamics. Sex therapists often work on improving overall relationship communication and intimacy.
  11. Sensory awareness exercises: These exercises can help individuals connect with their senses and experience pleasure in a more mindful way.
  12. Trauma-informed therapy: For individuals with a history of sexual trauma, therapists may use trauma-focused techniques to address underlying issues affecting their sexual well-being.

The list is endless, there are about 60 - 100 other common approaches. Our sex therapists, in addition to their education in school, have had years of specific training in this area.

For your convenience we have offices in 5 states and are able to work virtually with clients living in CT, VA, PA, NJ, NM, FL and GA.

If you would like to schedule a therapy appointment, you are encouraged to look at our clinician's biographies and schedule online. Each therapists phone number is listed on their home page or you can call 215-922-LOVE (5683) x 100 and speak with one of our intake specialists or to call (267) 324-9564.

We offer specialized treatment in the following areas:

Please note, as the founder of Sex Therapy in Philadelphia, I define “Good” therapists as having raw talent and having at least five to ten years of clinical experience. Additionally, during graduate school, and afterwards a good therapist will have received on-going supervision, where all of their clinical work is video-taped.

Unfortunately, not all therapists are created equal, and many therapists lack the personal comfort to discuss issues around sex and sexuality. Nor do all therapists have the personal experience or the formal training to know the behavioral tips and tricks to maximize sexual health and sexual functioning. Sex is a physical activity like weight lifting. Technique matters. You can’t always talk your way into having a good body. You have to do something.

Most people at some point in their life cycle will experience a sexual problem. Common times when people will experience sexual problems:

* During early childhood, children often witness confusing information. They are exposed to sexually graphic material online without ever having had a discussion with their parents about what is healthy sex

* During early childhood adults often use euphemisms to talk about sex, as opposed to explanations that actually make sense. So children may develop unrealistic thoughts.

* Women may get their periods and boys may have a wet dream before anyone has ever prepared them for what to expect and what to do.

* During adolescents children may engage in sex without a condom or birth control because they know they want sex, but they don't know how to practice safer sex or don't have access to safer sex

* Young adults may end up feeling sexually used, because they don't have the skills to say no, or the sex was never discussed ahead of time so both people have a different expectation as to what it means. Many young adults struggle to talk about relationship dynamics, let alone sexual dynamics.

*Puberty, changing bodies without accurate information. Sex / sexuality is not intuitive.

* Premature ejaculation can happen when a young man is so excited, and then lead to embarrassment

* Painful sex may occur the first time a woman has sex because it's a new experience and her Hyman is breaking and / or she wasn't properly stimulated first, or its simply a new sensation.

* Childbirth creates many different changes in the body

* Elite athletes have changes to their menstrual cycles

* Taking too much muscle enhancements, or for that matter any kind of medication. Many medications have sexual side effects

* Menopause causes hormonal changes, which negatively impacts sex

* Old age can cause men to wax and wane and need more direct stimulation to their penis

* When unhappy in a relationship, sometimes the body knows it first

The list is endless. There are so many points in the cycle of life that a person can get stuck sexually. Working with a trained therapist in the area of sexuality can help.

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