Internship Opportunities

Self Of The Therapist Group

Self of the Therapist is a group program designed for interns and new clinicians to the Center For Growth that provides a structured space to process the uniqueness of who you are and how that impacts your work as a clinician. This group is a space to designed to help therapists explore their own feelings that inevitably come up during the course of doing therapy. With the support of fellow peers, we explore the whole self of the therapist, encouraging greater self-knowledge and enhancing access to that knowledge in a way that’s beneficial for therapist and clients alike. In Self of the Therapist, we dispel the myth of therapist as a blank slate. With greater knowledge of our own personal challenges, we become less triggered when another person’s struggles resemble our own. It feels good to practice therapy from a place of wholeness, where rather than trying to be perfectly healed, we acknowledge our challenges as human beings and begin to use them to cultivate increased empathy and more authentic human-to-human connection with clients. Through the vital connection with our peers, we create the space for our true self to blossom. Self of the Therapist is a nurturing space to grow into higher levels of awareness as a therapist.

In Self of the Therapist, clinicians come together to share their vulnerabilities. When we are able to talk about the humanness of our work, we feel more connected to each other and create a safe, solid community. Self of the Therapist can be looked at as a community where therapists come together in a supportive space to share deeply with one another. The more we are connected to our peers, the more we can differentiate from our clients and provide them with better therapy. In the virtual world, it’s imperative that we create and sustain meaningful connections with fellow therapists.

In Self of the Therapist, we learn to use our similarities with clients in a way that’s fruitful, without getting lost and overwhelmed by over-identifying with them. Through this work, we will develop more control over how we use our personal selves in the therapy room. We will acknowledge and explore our personal histories, life themes and roles we’ve played throughout our lives. When we are able to fully embrace ourselves without resisting or avoiding aspects of ourselves, the therapeutic relationship, just like any relationship, will become enriched. Being a therapist is not about becoming perfectly healed and having the ultimate answers for clients. Through the self of the therapist program, new clinicians will learn how to balance maintaining professionalism with bringing their whole selves into the profession. We learn to give ourselves the permission to learn and grow alongside our clients. And we do it with the support of fellow clinicians.

It is widely accepted that the relationship between therapist and client is a greater predictor of positive therapeutic outcomes than the therapeutic interventions being used. In Self of the Therapist, we use this well-researched concept as motivation to dig deeper into the therapist’s self to discover ways of being in true connection with clients in a manner that’s safe, boundaried and effective. And the best part is, you get to do this deep, exploratory work alongside your fellow peers in a supportive, loving environment. Through the Self of the Therapist program, you will feel safe and connected with other therapists who are on the same journey of self-discovery and building authentic relationships.

At the end of the day, we are all human beings. Through understanding ourselves and cultivating self-acceptance, we practice what we’re preaching to our clients. And it shows. Many therapists who go through the program talk about the ease and comfort this work has brought to their sessions with clients. This is especially important for new clinicians because beginning to practice is a big deal, and often brings up feelings of nervousness and inadequacy.

At TCFG, it’s our prerogative to set new clinicians up for success. The Self of the Therapist program is a unique opportunity to explore yourself in a structured, supportive and constructive way alongside fellow clinicians. Through this program you will learn how to access yourself in a way that’s personally meaningful, as well as, beneficial to the clients you serve.