Grief Therapy

Grief comes in many shapes and sizes. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to the grieving process. Grief is the series of emotions that are passed, or cycled, through after a loss is realized. Many people allow for grief after the passing of a loved one, but today’s society often turns a blind eye to the grief that can follow other kinds of losses. As a result, people find themselves unexpectedly courting the sorrow, anger and other emotions associated with grief at varying times in their life. Confused and even ashamed, they may attempt to hide or avoid these emotions, pushing them inward rather than letting them out. Destructive and devastating repercussions can follow. Yet all of this can be avoided, if we only recognize that there are all kinds of grief. Here at the Center for Growth, we've compiled a list of tips and articles on how you help you through your grieving process. Read our tips about grief therapy and see what resources are available at the Center for Growth in Philadelphia.