Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy: Sex can be a big part of the human experience and a major way in which couples connect and express intimacy, desire, love, and longing. Our therapists acknowledge that the ways in which we express sexuality are highly unique and individualized. No two experiences or preferences are the same, nor do they have to be. For some individuals sexuality is a fundamental part of their lives, and for others it plays a minor role in their life and their relationships. What remains constant is the importance of self-determination and autonomy, coupled with the ability to make informed, authentic choices.

There are several topics that may come up in sex therapy. Our team is prepared to explore these areas with grace, discretion, and complete non-judgment. Common topics discussed in sex therapy: differences in desire, orgasmic potential, premature ejaculation, fertility, reproductive justice, pelvic pain, erectile dysfunction, kink, BDSM, consensual non-monogamy or open relationships, curating sex positivity, trauma, compulsions, internet use, LGBTQ+ identity, and intimacy.

What is sex therapy? How to get the most out of sex therapy? How do I find a qualified sex therapist and much more. The tips below were developed as guidelines to help you get the most out of your experience in sex therapy (or at the very least, how to get the most out of all the sexual information that you are reading about online)!