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Does Your Partner Have A Sexual Compulsion

Alex Robboy , CAS, MSW, ACSW, LCSW — Founder & executive director

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Quiz: Does Your Partner Have A Sexual Compulsion Problem?

If you answer "yes" to a majority of these questions, then there is a strong possibility your partner has a sexual compulsion problem.

  • Does your partner wake up early or stay up late to “watch TV” or use “the Internet”?
  • Does your partner prefer pornographic material to being sexual with you?
  • Does your partner engage in excessive use of pornographic material?
  • Does your partner disappear for periods of time or have unaccountable time?
  • Does your partner stay at work “late” or “work” on the computer late at night?
  • Does your partner isolate from his / her friends and family?
  • Does your partner lack sexual energy for you?
  • Does your partner have mood swings before and / or after sex?
  • Does your partner act controlling during lovemaking?
  • Does your partner act demanding about the time and place of sex?
  • Does your partner get mad if you turn his / her offer of sex down?
  • Does your partner throw temper tantrums if sex does not happen her / his way?
  • Does your partner have a sex pattern?
  • During sex, do you feel emotionally disconnected from your partner? Do you feel alone?
  • Can your partner accurately read your non-verbal sexual cues in bed?
  • Do you feel emotionally abandoned after sex?
  • Is your partner nicer to you once he / she got his / her sexual needs met?
  • Does your partner appear depressed?
  • Does your partner react negatively to someone articulating their discomfort about others viewing pornographic material?
  • Does your partner distance self from peers who might intimidate him / her?
  • Is your partner able to pay attention to others? Is she / he narcissistic?
  • Does your partner switch sexual behaviors to “demonstrate” to self or others his / her lack of sexual compulsion?
  • Does your partner lack a satisfactory explanation for the toll calls (900 numbers) on the telephone bill, the money spent on the credit card, or what he / she did with the cash withdrawn from the bank?
  • Does your partner always have an explanation for his / her behavior?
  • Does your partner tell an increasing number of white lies?
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