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Internet Compulsions

Alex Robboy , CAS, MSW, ACSW, LCSW — Founder & executive director

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Internet Compulsive Behavior is just that. It is a compulsive use of and / or dependence on the Internet

Signs of an Internet Compulsion:

* More time with online friends than with real friends
* Online friends know sides of you that your real friends do not know
* Attempts to hide amount of time spent online to self and others
* Financial troubles due to quantity of time spent online.
* Financial troubles due to amount of money spent online.
* Preoccupation with the Internet.
* Increase amount of time spent on the Internet
* To feel satisfied, must spend more time online
* Unable to modify or stop behavior.
* Feeling restless, moody or upset when unable to connect online.
* Spending more time online than initially planned
* Finding yourself rationalizing the unexplained time lost online to friends and family.
* Friends, family or professional colleagues becoming upset with the amount of time spent online.
* Lies to friends, family and professional colleagues about the amount of time spent online.
* Escaping online from problems with real people.

It is easy to lie to oneself and others about an Internet Compulsion. I can’t stop because I rely on it for work. I have a responsibility to my online friends. I need the Internet to do online billing, to go shopping, to figure out directions, or movie times. The list is endless.

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