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Dirty scrabble, Sexy Scrapple or Adult Scrabble. Your call. Regardless of what you call the game, the rules stay the same.

The Dirty Scrabble Game can be played with two, three or even four people. The moment any person becomes uncomfortable and things feel weird in a bad way, the game should stop. Dirty Scrabble is meant to be a fun, sexy, bonding experience.

Traditional Scrabble Rules From The Hasbro Website

‘You should have a [scrabble] game board, 100 letter tiles, a letter bag, and four racks.

Before the [scrabble] game begins, all players should agree upon the dictionary that they will use, in case of a challenge. All words labeled as a part of speech (including those listed of foreign origin, and as archaic, obsolete, colloquial, slang, etc.) are permitted with the exception of the following: words always capitalized, abbreviations, prefixes and suffixes standing alone, words requiring a hyphen or an apostrophe.

Place all letters in the pouch, or facedown beside the board, and mix them up. Draw for first play. The player with the letter closest to "A" plays first. A blank tile beats any letter. Return the letters to the pool and remix. All players draw seven new letters and place them on their racks.

Dirty Scrabble Rules, which are adapted from the hasbro website. I wish I could take the credit for making up this amazing version of the game, but it actually comes from a client at TCFG who is incredibly talented, and sees the world in such creative ways.

In the Dirty Scrabble rulebook, each time you make a word that is a body part “Breast, labia, Penis, testicles, Toe, the other person (or people) need to do something hot, dirty, sexy or fun to that body part. The ultimate goal dirty scrabble is sexual arousal. Like regular scrabble ,the next player can build off that word by adding an S. Then that player will also experience the pleasures of having that body part stimulated. Dirty Scrabble uses the same point system as regular scrabble. Whoever has the most points is the official winner. In Dirty Scrabble, the winner also gets to choose the final sexual activitie that they would like to engage in. To make Dirty Scrabble slightly more conducive to your favorite body parts consider adding in some extra letters so that you will have more opportunities to spell your favorite body parts.

If, during Dirty Scrabble, you are drawing a blank as to what sexual activities you might want to request your partner attempt or are looking for new and creative ideas for how to please check out twww.sextherapyinphiladelphia.com and read their sexual exercises. The site has over a thousand ideas all written by sex therapist.

* Dirty Scrabble / Sexy Scrabble is a knock off of the original game : Scrabble is a word game in which two to four players score points by placing tiles, each bearing a single letter, onto a game board divided into a 15x15 grid of squares. The tiles must form words that, in crossword fashion, read left to right in rows or downward in columns, and be included in a standard dictionary or lexicon. The game is played with tiles that are placed on a game board. Points are awarded based on the length of the word and the letters used. The player with the highest score at the end of the game wins.

Sex therapy is a type of therapy that focuses on helping individuals and couples address sexual concerns and improve their sexual relationships. It can address a wide range of issues, including sexual dysfunction, sexual pain, difficulties with sexual desire or arousal, and problems with sexual communication or intimacy. Sex therapy may involve individual or couples therapy sessions and may include a variety of techniques, such as behavioral and communication exercises, as well as education on sexual anatomy and function. The therapy may be conducted by a licensed therapist or counselor who has specialized training in sexual health and relationships.

Frequently, sex therapists will take traditional ideas and convert them / or show applications for how the same concepts can be used to improve sexual intimacy.

If you are looking for an even more advanced version of sexy scrabble, can you take some of these fun facts about Philadelphia and make words that are connected to Philadelphia. Each time you use a word that is connected to Philadelphia history your date needs to share a fun fact about themselves.

  • Philadelphia is the birthplace of the United States, as the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution were both signed in the city.
    • Fun fact: where they grew up.
  • The Liberty Bell, a symbol of American independence, is located in Philadelphia.
    • Fun fact: what do they feel like symbolizes their independence in the bedroom?
  • Philadelphia is known as the "City of Brotherly Love" and its name comes from the Greek words "philos" and "adelphos" meaning "loving" and "brother" respectively.
    • Fun fact: what childhood nick names do they have? what nick name can you give one of their body parts?
  • Philadelphia is home to America's oldest residential street, Elfreth's Alley, where people have lived continuously since 1702.
    • Fun fact: where was their first home?
  • The city is also home to the first zoo in America, the Philadelphia Zoo, which opened in 1874.
    • Fun fact: what animal would they describe themselves as in the bedroom?
  • The famous soft pretzel also originated in Philadelphia.
    • Fun fact: what food do they associate with you?
  • The famous cheese steak sandwich was also created in Philadelphia by Pat Olivieri in 1930.
    • Fun fact: what can they reliably cook?
  • Philadelphia is also home to the famous "Rocky Steps" from the movie Rocky and the famous "Love" sculpture.
    • Fun fact: what location do they associate you with?
  • Philadelphia is also known for its famous street art and murals, there are over 3,000 murals throughout the city.
    • Fun fact: what are they most known for?
  • The famous Italian Market in South Philadelphia is the oldest open-air market in America.
    • Fun fact: who is their oldest friend?

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