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Chakra Clearing

Samantha Eisenberg , MSW, LCSW, MED, LMT — Therapist

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True health encompasses the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual or energetic body. One way to tap into healing through the energetic body is to use the chakras, the spiraling vortexes of energy that run along the spine. There are particular mental, physical and emotional ailments associated with the blockages or overactivity of each chakra. When chakras are clear and in balance, we should feel pretty good. When energy is flowing freely your body will do what it needs to do to heal itself or meet the demand you are placing on it more effectively.

A chakra clearing meditation is a great tool to facilitate physical healing and to shift your mental state if you’re feeling stressed, anxious, down, irritable, foggy, fatigued, or just "off." Meditating and visualizing energy flowing through the chakras is something you can use anywhere, anytime, to transform a feeling you don’t want into something more manageable. It also serves you in the moment by simply allowing the energy to flow and release, instead of getting pent up and stuck within you. Whether you need to recharge, settle down, clear your mind, fall asleep, enhance focus, or feel energized, this meditation will help you get there.

So how do you actually feel your energy? One way is to rub your hands together quickly then separate them about an inch apart and see what you notice as you move them closer and farther apart. You may feel a tingly or prickly warm sensation radiating from your palms. This is your energetic field. Practice this a few times to get familiar with the feeling.

A cool thing about energy is that you can alter it with your thoughts, imagination, and intentions. You can actually make sensations stronger or duller by how you choose to focus on them. Do you realize how powerful you are? You can lessen pain, heighten pleasure, create balance and promote health all by using your mind. So now, try to notice a tingling sensation in your feet. All you have to do is imagine that you’re feeling it until you actually do. Now shift the focus to your hands and feel the warm tingling sensation within them. Can you feel how the sensation grows when you focus on it? Practice this until you are comfortable using your mind to shift the sensations experienced in your body.

Try to picture the energy moving throughout your body as you read the meditation below. Once you are familiar with the meditation and know what to expect try again with your eyes closed to help visualize more strongly. Or you can have someone read this aloud to you as you visualize. To make things easier you can sit or stand with both feet on the ground, but it is also possible to adapt the exercise for laying down.


Notice the energy tingling at the base of your spine, by your tailbone.

Imagine this energy as red light.

Now send the red light down your legs, through your feet and into the earth.

Feel your feet connect to the ground.

Imagine roots growing out from the bottom of your feet into the earth.

Send those roots, full of red light, all the way down to the center of the earth.

Feel the vital, invigorating energy of the core as it spins.

Now pull that core energy up, all the way up through your roots, your feet, your legs, to the base of your spine.

Allow that red energy to grow brighter as is grounds you and stabilizes you.

Then send it out in front of you and out behind you, like two red beams of light coming out from both sides.

Slowly pull that energy into your navel as you imagine the color shift to orange.

Let that orange light fill your lower abdomen, evoking the creative and sensual energy within you.

Then push it out in front of you and behind you.

Now pull that light up into your belly as it turns to a vibrant yellow.

Feel this energy of strength, will, and purpose grow and push it out in front of and behind you.

Once you feel the energy of these three lower chakras vibrating at full capacity, pull that energy into your heart as it turns a vibrant green.

Let that green light expand, illuminating the love you have, the love you are, as it enhances your connection to all living things.

Let your heart open and let the energy flow out in front of you and behind you.

Now pull that energy into your throat and imagine it turning blue.

Let the energy of self expression flow out in front of you and behind you.

Then pull that energy up into your third eye center, the space between your eyes on your forehead.

Let this tingly indigo energy awaken your intuition and understanding and then push it out in front of and behind you.

Now take this energy to the very top of your head and imagine a violet or white light vibrating there.

Push this divine light at the crown of your skull out in front of and behind you.

Feel all of your chakras now vibrating, tingling, warm, and powerful as you send the energy up into the heavens, connecting you with the divine, creating the space and energy for enlightenment and transcendence.

Feel the energy from the earth flowing up, all the way up through each chakra into the heavens.

See the rainbow energy of your body emanating from in front of and behind you.

Now take a deep breath.

As you inhale imagine you are pulling all of the divine, invigorating, loving, knowing energy into your crown and down all the way down through each chakra.

As you go down, push that divine light out through each chakra, front and back.

Send it all the way into the ground, wrapping once more around the core, then pull it back up.

Feel the flow of energy moving up and down simultaneously, connecting you to the earth and to the heavens, activating your true energy, power, and potential.

You are always connected to this energy, it is always around you.

All you need to do is remember and open yourself to the flow.

How do you feel? More relaxed? Calm? Clear? Connected? Notice what parts of the exercise really spoke to you. What parts were harder to feel, imagine, or visualize? Sometimes when we are very anxious, foggy, unfocused, or tired, it can be particularly hard to visualize energy as strongly. Noticing when or how the exercise is challenging could help inform you of what chakras, or physical, mental or emotional areas need to be worked on. For example, not being able to imagine an orange light flowing out from your navel could indicate a block in creativity, sexual challenges or hang ups. Or if it’s hard to picture the energy at all, then your energy might be particularly stuck and not flowing well in general, or there may be too much/too little energy vibrating around your third eye, making it hard to focus and visualize. Use your intuition to try to understand what challenges with the exercise mean. To get the most out of the exercise, take as much time as you need in each part until you can really picture each color and feel the energy moving as described in the exercise. Let your intuition help you determine which parts of you to nurture most through extra focus and intention.


Sometimes we don’t have a full 10, 20, or 30 minutes to dedicate to chakra clearing. Here are some quick tricks and tips for creating an energetic shift on the go:

If you’re feeling anxious, there is probably too much energy moving around in your head. To feel more grounded and stable and slow the spinning thoughts in your mind, first picture that energy as a vibrating ball around your head. As you exhale, send it down into the ground, letting this energy melt out of your body. You could also quickly picture your feet growing roots in the earth. This one image can feel very stabilizing. Or perhaps you just imagine a big woosh of warm energy pouring over you, letting your muscles relax as you let out a big sigh. You don’t need to be an expert at meditation to get something out of this quick method. You can do this in just a few seconds. The more you practice visualizing the movement of energy, the faster you can make it happen.

If you enjoyed this meditation on chakra clearing and like working with energy, meditation, and visualization and want a professional therapist to help you integrate this into your journey of mental health and wellness, please contact the Center for Growth. Call 267-428-2615 to schedule an appointment.

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