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Stress: everyone has their own definition of stress. For a young mother at home with her children it may be when everyone is crying at the same time. For a commuter who is already late for work it may be simply catching a red light. Or for someone who has to work late at the office it may mean having to miss a child’s birthday party.

The official definition of stress is a condition that occurs in response to actual or anticipated difficulties in life. Stress is no laughing matter, and if left untreated, can lead to serious health complications, including high blood pressure, sleep disorders, back pain and more. In addition, stress can play a role in circulatory diseases as coronary heart disease, sudden cardiac death and strokes.

Some of the most common causes of stress include:

*Fear – Whether the fear is real or imagined, it can cause stress in people of all ages.
* Change – Most people dread change, and even if a small change walks into their life, they may become stressed out.
* Attitude – Everyone at one time or another has developed an “attitude” about something in their life. And in most cases, it’s not the wrong attitude, which leads directly to a stress attack.
* Health – Any change in your health, no matter how small, can also create stress in your life.
* Anticipation – For some people, they always anticipate the worst case scenario, and that is a common cause of stress.

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