Perfectionist therapy in Philly: perfectionism is more than just setting high standards and working hard to achieve goals. Perfectionism is the idea that if something is not perfect or ideal, then it is a complete disappointment or a failure. Clearly perfectionism ties into the theme of ‘all- or- nothing thinking’...

When therapists refer to a “perfectionist”, they are usually referring to someone who works hard to achieve goals but is chronically unsatisfied with what they have actually achieved.

Perfectionism is related to low self-esteem. The Perfectionist tends to be insecure. Their perfectionism sets them up for disappointment because no one can ever be perfect.

Perfectionists tend to have:

  • high levels of stress
  • problems with self-esteem
  • More medical problems than their peers
  • A tendency to procrastinate and to avoid completion of tasks because they feel they have to do them” perfectly”

Perfectionists tend to:

  • Pursue unrealistic goals
  • Have difficulty feeling a sense of satisfaction
  • Moving on

Learn how to let go of your perfectionism. Strive to become a "B" student and focus your energies on yourself. Say no to being a perfectionist. If you want to work with a Therapist on perfectionism, call 215-922-5683 Ext. 100 to be connected with an Anxiety Therapist today. We offer therapy in Philly, PA, Ocean City, NJ, Richmond, VA, and Santa Fe, NM. We also offer virtual therapy in Georgia and Florida.