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Overcoming Anxiety: Moving Beyond: Anxiety Therapy

Alex Robboy , CAS, MSW, ACSW, LCSW — Founder & executive director

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Overcoming Anxiety: there are various methods available for overcoming anxiety to those who suffer with it today. A new onslaught of prescription medications, both aimed directly and indirectly at anxiety sufferers, promise to alleviate symptoms at least a little if not altogether. For many, this is deemed a ‘quick fix’, the most practical way of overcoming their fears. However, a growing number of individuals are seeking a different route towards a more stress free existence, either because of the debilitating effects of such medications or because of their lack to perform as promised. For these independent souls, the road to recovery may prove long and rocky, but they are more likely to experience significant, life-altering changes as a result of the skills they learn and put into practice. Skills which will allow them to cope with stress of all forms, facing it head on.

Many of the skills to overcoming anxiety are easily mastered, and are merely a matter of consistent and prudent practice in order to achieve the desired outcome. Some have existed for centuries, while others are newly emerged up-to-date techniques. Most are effective on their own at keeping anxiety under control, but more so when combined with other suitable techniques as well. For the purpose of education, I will run through a few of the more popular or commonly utilized of them here.

Controlled Breathing- Many cultures and civilizations have recognized the benefits of controlled breathing to feed oxygen to the body and maintain a relaxed, peaceful state of mind. Though the practice of controlled breathing can get quite complex, particularly when applied to pain-relief such as the popularly used Lamaze during childbirth, at its base it is very simple. The easiest way to adopt the practice is through deep breathing, or consciously making an effort at many times during the day to inhale very deeply and deliberately for several intervals. It has been widely noted that a good deal of anxiety sufferers have a bad habit of shallow breathing, which often serves to compound the severity of their symptoms. The very best part of this technique is its affordability and practicality. Controlled breathing can be used anytime, anywhere to sooth or avoid anxiety and costs nothing to the individual who wishes to enjoy its benefits, save a few moments of their time.

Exercise & Nutrition- Another tried and true technique for overcoming anxiety is the use of proper exercise and nutrition. The key to these techniques is the word proper. Over exertion and fasting will only serve to increase anxiety. Instead, pursue an exercise routine that leaves you feeling energized, not exhausted; and consider a diet plan that focuses on providing your body with what it needs as opposed to depriving it. Exercise options that might suit you include yoga, dance, or daily walks. When it comes to nutrition, consider whole, healing foods or valuable vitamin supplements. When our bodies are stripped of the elements they need to maintain our lifestyle and pace, we find ourselves at the mercy of stress and our own fears and worries.

Positive Thinking- Positive thinking is just that, thinking positive thoughts. As with breathing, our thought process tends to run itself; meaning it is often left unchecked to run amuck. When negative thoughts and worries overtake our mind, they consume the energy stores needed to cope with the stresses of our daily lives. Taking time out every day at regular intervals to consciously think ‘happy’ thoughts helps to retrain our brains to work for instead of against us. This is a great technique to try in conjunction with another anxiety relieving skill, like deep breathing. Together the effect should be considerably greater than alone. Positive thinking can be pursued through speaking daily affirmations, or self-hypnosis. There are many ways to put this anxiety-busting practice to work in your life; and again, the cost is minimal and it is available anytime, in anyplace.

Anxiety need not be an impediment to anyone’s living a full and happy life. If you find yourself suffering with the signs and symptoms of anxiety, take a moment to recognize what’s happening. Don’t give blame or shame a chance to creep in as a result of your anxiety, but instead be proactive in finding the right techniques to help you overcome your physical and mental struggles. If medication is not the course for you, consider some of the simple practices mentioned here, or research to find your own idea of the best way to beat your anxiety and implement those techniques. The most important thing is to take action in order to prevent reaction from taking over. Anxiety may be commonplace today, but it doesn’t have to have a place in your life.

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