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Temperamental Traits Associated With Anorexia

Alex Robboy , CAS, MSW, ACSW, LCSW — Founder & executive director

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Is there a certain personality profile associated with people who are Anorexic? Yes there is.

Low novelty seeking: This indicates that a person does not have a desire to seek out new experiences. They are comfortable in a routine others may find monotonous. They are described as stoic, reserved, orderly, meticulous, and reflective
High harm avoidance: People with high harm avoidance tend to be hyper vigilant about the risk of danger. They tend to worry excessively. They are overly cautious. They have difficulty taking risks. They may be overly pessimistic about unknown future events. They tend to be shy, fearful, and passive.
* High reward dependence: People with high reward dependence tend to be compassionate and social. They can be sensitive, intuitive, and empathetic to the needs of others. However, they are often overly sensitive to real or perceived criticism and are excessively dependent on approval from other people.
* High persistence: This indicates that a person is industrious, a perfectionist, extremely ambitious, and an overachiever. People with High persistence are commonly workaholics.
* Low self-Directedness: This Character trait is common in people with Anorexia. Low self-directedness indicates that a person is reactive, feels helpless, and has a lack of confidence. It also indicates an inability to pursue realistic and meaningful goals.

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