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Social Gambling VS Gambling Compulsion

Alex Robboy , CAS, MSW, ACSW, LCSW — Founder & executive director

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Social Gambling VS Gambling Compulsion

Gambling becomes a compulsion as opposed to a social behavior when it feels out of control. Addicted gamblers experience a loss of control. Typically, gambling compulsions are progressive. With time, the behaviors get worse. These behaviors hurt not only the gambler, but those around him or her.

Social Gambling is simply that. It’s an activity that is done with friends. The focus is not on the gambling, but rather the social interaction between people. Typically, social gamblers have a set amount of money has been dedicated to gambling. The goal for social gamblers is not to win or lose the money, but rather to have fun. Many social gamblers play to lose. They decide ahead of time how much money they are going to lose that evening, and consciously play until all the money is gone.

Social gambling vs gambling compulsion? Which one are you?

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