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Plan for Reducing Anxiety

Alex Robboy , CAS, MSW, ACSW, LCSW — Founder & executive director

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Developing a plan of action for reducing anxiety. One of the best ways for reducing anxiety is to be prepared for the sensation of anxiety. To be prepared, you should have a ‘plan of action’ for what you will do when you experience your next wave of anxiety. Even ‘healthy’ people experience frequent bouts of anxiety. Anxiety is an important mechanism in life that helps stay focused, get things accomplished and motivates you. A little bit of anxiety causes one to experience just enough worry to make you want to do something about it. Too much anxiety is overwhelming and causes people to shut down. Thus, creating a plan for reducing anxiety helps you stay in control. The goal - manage your anxiety before it manages you.

Your plan of action for reducing anxiety should include the following:

  • An outline of when you are most likely to experience anxiety
  • Practice things you can tell yourself when you do experience anxiety. For example, if you get anxious in new settings because you are unsure of how others might view you, try reminding yourself that they are just as concerned as you are on making a good first impression. Furthermore, if they do not like you, you can always leave.
  • Create some activities that you can focus on and/or participate in, especially when you sense the anxiety is coming on.
  • Give yourself permission to take 5 minutes to collect your thoughts.
  • Identify a safe person to tell when you are having an anxiety attack.
  • Carry a journal around with you so that you can record your feelings about the anxiety. Often writing down your thoughts is enough for you to actually hear yourself and then play therapist to self, include the results from your medical exam with your primary care doctor that concluded that there is nothing physically wrong with you, the ‘anxiety is all in your head’. Thus, the next time you are experiencing anxiety, remind yourself “I am fine. There is nothing wrong with me. The anxiety will pass in a few minutes”.

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