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Make Your Own Anxiety Workbook

Alex Robboy , CAS, MSW, ACSW, LCSW — Founder & executive director

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Anxiety Therapy in Philadelphia, Mechanicsville, Ocean City, Santa Fe / Make Your Own Anxiety Workbook

Coping with anxiety is a challenge for anyone. Learning how to recognize anxiety before your anxiety spirals out of control and then quell the anxiety once the anxiety has been identified is crucial. Replacing old habits that feed our anxiety with new ones that weaken it and taking the time to care for ourselves are also essential in overcoming symptoms. When one must undertake the task of beating their anxiety on their own, it magnifies an already difficult journey. Whether you’ve just begun to fight your symptoms or are well into your struggle, learning how to make your own anxiety workbook, one that is personalized to your experience, and using your anxiety workbook is an excellent way to keep on the road to recovery and document your travels.

Think of an anxiety workbook like your own, handmade anxiety therapist in Philadelphia, Mechanicsville, Ocean City or Santa Fe. The anxiety workbook is there to ask the difficult questions, document answers, analyze behaviors, and heal without judgment. The purpose of making an anxiety workbook is to give yourself a guide through your journey, so that even if you are going it alone, you won’t feel that way. There will be something to comfort you, something you created just for this purpose.

To make your own anxiety workbook you don’t have to be an expert. You don’t need professional training or any certifications, you just need you. You are the world’s leading expert on yourself. No one can dispute that fact. Often we just don’t take the time to look deeply into ourselves, to ask the questions that need to be asked and to find the answers that are hiding there all along. This is what your workbook will do. It will be part journal, part counselor, and part scrapbook.

You should always start to make your own anxiety workbook with a clean, fresh blank book or journal. Even a spiral notebook will do. In fact, it may be better. Title it ‘Anxiety Workbook’ so that it is reserved for this only, and keep it somewhere safe. It is personal, and is meant for your eyes only. Begin by filling the first few pages with what you hope to accomplish with your workbook. Think about what your goals are in terms of your anxiety and its symptoms. What do want to accomplish with this self examination? How would you like to look once it is completed? Do you see yourself happy? Are you symptom free or maybe just coping better? Give yourself some goals to reach for. They don’t have to be grand. Sometimes starting small is the best idea. Maybe just getting to a point that you feel more confident, have made new friends, or don’t panic as easily is a good start? Consider what your anxiety is keeping you from and begin with those things.

Now flip to the end of the anxiety workbook. Reserve the last few pages for conclusion. Leave one blank and title it “Me Now” or “the New Me”. This is where you will draw a picture or post photos of yourself that reflect your progress. It is important that you conclude with your successes. On another page, maybe the back of this one, make a list of the things that will be different about you when you get here. These can be single words like “happy” or a restating of the goals you wrote at the beginning like “promoted at work”. Leave some lines blank to be filled in when you reach the end of your workbook. These are for the surprises that you didn’t expect, the accomplishments that occurred spontaneously along the way, or the observations you have made at this point about yourself and your changes.

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