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Anorexia and the Doctor

Alex Robboy , CAS, MSW, ACSW, LCSW — Founder & executive director

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Anorexia And The Doctor: The doctor’s visit the doctor is an essential part of the treatment team with Anorexia. This doctor may also need to make appropriate referrals such as to an Endocrinologist and/or a Cardiologist.

See a doctor that is familiar with eating disorders

Anorexia and The Doctor: What to expect at a doctors visit people suffering from anorexia nervosa should expect a doctor to gather and assess the following information (please note, this list may not be inclusive. It is a general guideline).

* Weight
* Height
* Pulse
* Blood pressure
* Temperature
* Changes in skin and hair quality
* Obtain blood-work and a urine sample
* Gather evidence, through observation of tooth erosion, dehydration and esophageal tears.
* Ask about menstrual regularity

Lab tests are likely to include:
* An electrolyte panel
* A blood cell count
* Blood sugar levels
* A thyroid test
* Creatinine
* Blood Area Nitrogen
* Urine specific gravity
* An EKG
* A dexiscan – To check for bone strength and density (After 6 moths with this illness).
* For males testosterone and gonadotrophin level should be checked

Depending on his or her health, a person in treatment for an eating disorder may need to have a doctor’s check-up once a week, or once a month. Eating disorders have devastating medical consequences. Therefore, it is critical that a person in recovery has a medical doctor help monitor the patient. Sometimes hospitalization is required.

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