Gambling addicts frequently also suffer from . . . People who suffer from a gamblingproblems may also have, or have experienced,

Anxiety Disorders: Gambling can cause a person to develop anxiety. Suddenly they have financial worries that they never had. Conversely, sometimes people with underlying anxiety issues, use gambling as a way to distract themselves from the real issue.

Drug and alcohol abuse problems: Frequently, drug and alcohol use is associated with gambling. Mind altering drugs can impair ones thought process, thus enabling the ‘gambling behavior to become out of control’ Additionally, a gamblers is similar to the way a drug and alcohol abuse works. One experiences an increased tolerance to the substance etc.

Mood Disorders, specifically Bipolar and Depression: Sometimes people who suffer from depression use gambling as a way to avoid their feelings. The rush of gambling makes people feel high. Conversely, the rush of losing, causes people to feel depressed. Coping with the reality of loss is hard and can leave a person feeling depressed and alone.

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