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Alex Robboy , CAS, MSW, ACSW, LCSW — Founder & executive director

What type of exercise should I be doing if I am recovering from an eating disorder image

Healthy types of exercise. Ideal for people who are elderly, suffer from chronic pain, or are recovering from an illness or an eating disorder.

What type of exercise should I be doing and why? Generally, most people should do a combination of strength training, stretching, and aerobic exercise.

* Strength training exercises such as weight lifting, Pilates, isometrics, and, Tai chi. Strength training increases muscle mass. Increasing muscle mass protects the bones, and increases the number of calories burned during rest.
* Aerobic exercise: such as brisk walking, biking, and swimming, or running for a minimum of 25 minutes. Aerobic exercise helps to burn calories, lowers the setpoint and is good for the heart.
* Stretching: Stretching helps to increase flexibility and to decrease the risk of injury. It is also helpful for reducing stress. Pilates & yoga are also forms of stretching.

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