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Eroticizing the Foot

Alex Robboy , CAS, MSW, ACSW, LCSW — Founder & executive director

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One of the most forgotten, shunned and under appreciated body parts are the feet. Feet sometimes experience neglect, because of their reputation as dirty and smelly. Yet, without feet walking would be very difficult. Our feet are one of the most taken for granted body parts. And, as far as dirt and smell goes, it’s the nature of being stuck in some tight pair of socks and shoes all day. The smell is not intrinsic to the toes. It just happens. Thus, like armpits, with a little bit of washing, it too can smell squeaky clean. Just because feet have to work all day and carry the whole body around, why should they be discriminated against? Feet are an important, but under-appreciated part of the body and could appreciate a good massage, a cool bath and some overall pampering.

For the squeamish foot pleaser: In a candle lit room, begin by soaking your partner’s feet in hot water. Foot soaking has a dual purpose. First, foot soaking is a relaxing activity. Second, knowing that your partner’s feet are cleaning can make you, the giver feel more relaxed about what you are about to do (suck on their toes). Third, hot water soothes tired feet. As your partner begins to relax in the water, begin soaping her/his toes. Be sure to reach in-between each toe so as to clean away all the grime. As you soap up the entire foot, imagine the feet are silly putty and your job is to kneed them into a new shape. This will require some hard work on your end. You will need to pull, push, and sculpt the feet. Once you are satisfied with the ‘shape’ of the toes, arches, heals, ankles, rinse the feet, dry them and allow yourself the opportunity to become intimately acquainted with each inch of the foot. This is where you begin to kiss the entire foot.

Once you are comfortable with this, try tasting each toe. How do they taste? Did you get all the soap off them? Are they in need of a gentle massage? Inspect every crevice using your hands, mouth and eyes. What do they feel, smell, look and taste like. What is your partners reaction when you suckle on her/his big toe, compared to the small toe? Does she/he get more excited when you massage them? Test out different forms of touch and look at your partner. Try to judge what her/his reactions are. One of the best things about having your toes sucked and nibbled on, is that a stereotypically dirty part of the body has ‘magically’ been turned into an erotic sexual part. We are sexual beings from top to bottom. The most frequent response that I hear back from clients who have tried this exercise is that when it was their turn to have their feet/toes played with that it was a total turn on. They report that it felt erotic / exciting to have a partner willingly touch a body part that they themselves were too uncomfortable touching themselves. In fact, many went on to say, that if their partner could find pleasure in something as nasty as their toes then they really knew that their partner was excited by all of them. Not to mention of course, that the actual sensations on their feet / toes felt exciting.

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