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How Do I find My Spirituality

Alex Robboy , CAS, MSW, ACSW, LCSW — Founder & executive director

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How do I find my spirituality: discovering one’s personal spiritual path is a moving, important experience. Today’s climate of tolerance makes the necessary resources available to you in your quest to unearth your spiritual preferences, but at the same time, the busy, stressful world we live in can undermine that search. Amid the appointments, obligations, and distractions it can be difficult to find the time or energy to put into the spiritual path. Yet, for those who take the time, the rewards are often well worth it. Still, the most difficult obstacle facing many who are seeking to find their spirituality is where to start and how to move forward from there. To them, I would say that the spiritual path is a journey of questions that begins with the self.

How do I find my spirituality: First and foremost, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Of yourself, of others, even of a higher power; questions open the door to finding answers. Without them, progress is impossible. Try sitting down with yourself in a quiet room and consider your spiritual options. Think about your past, the spirituality or religion you were brought up with. If that wasn’t a part of your childhood, then consider some of the people you knew and their spiritual choices. What were they like? What kind of practices did you appreciate or dislike and why? Did any part of that experience make you uncomfortable? Did it leave you feeling connected or distant to your idea of a higher power? Think about religions or spiritual practices that are foreign to you. How do those fit with your experience up to this point? Are they challenging? Comforting? Frightening? Picture in your mind the many and varying images used around the world to depict a higher power. Always note the immediate reaction you have to these thoughts and images. Then consider why you might be reacting that way. Is it simple unfamiliarity, or could it be that your reactions, be they positive or negative, are hints to your own spirituality? Your comfort level should not be the only indicator to help you find your spirituality, but it is certainly an important one.

How do I find my spirituality: Once you have begun a dialogue with yourself, you can move on to initiating a dialogue with the world around you. More than likely, within your own area is an array of places of worship. Most of these offer classes or services to the public. Visit some of them. If your personal exploration has led you to feel an inclination to one over the other, go with that instinct but don’t be completely limited by it. Talk with friends and family members. Ask them about their spiritual choices and see how their answers resonate with your own feeling. It might seem awkward at first, but communicating with those closest to you about spirituality can be very enlightening in your own search. Of course, some may have family or friends with stringent beliefs who would not be welcoming to discussing the possibilities within spiritual experience. In that case, look outside the immediate circle for discussion. Local groups, religious leaders, or even the bookstore or library are all great sources for continuing the conversation.

How do I find my spirituality: When you feel you have a defined who or what a higher power is for yourself, then you can carry your dialogue even further to include your idea of a higher or divine power. Whether through prayer, ritual, or fellowship with others who see a higher power as you do, you can put your remaining questions to the ultimate source. Most likely, how you envision this divine being will determine how you receive answers from it. At this stage, just realize that your spirituality is your own. The questions you ask of it and the answers you receive are not wrong or bad, even if they are different from those around you or from what you might have originally expected.

How do I find my spirituality: The spiritual path is considered by most to be a progression, an ever evolving journey of self discovery that allows for growth and change. Though it is wonderful to be able to define your beliefs about a higher power, the divine, and the human spirit; it is even greater to be open to those beliefs as they change and naturally move from one phase to the next. Continue asking questions and remaining fresh to the possibilities and answers that are out there. Don’t be afraid if your own beliefs take on new meanings or undergo radical changes, and allow others room to do the same. Everyone needs space to find their spirituality and part of one’s own progress is respecting the progress of others. Someday, you may even find yourself at the answering end of someone else’s journey of questions.

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