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Choosing Spirituality

Alex Robboy , CAS, MSW, ACSW, LCSW — Founder & executive director

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Choosing Spirituality: people often refer to ‘being called’ to their current spiritual path, or even to ‘finding a higher power’ in one place or another. One term denotes a sort of accidental approach to spirituality, as though one simply stumbles into their chosen spiritual direction; while the other hints of predetermination or predestination, as though they were born to fall into that role. While these concepts are not completely invalid, what many often fail to recognize is that spirituality is a choice. Not only is the option to pursue spiritual fulfillment everyone’s personal choice, but likewise the way in which they choose to pursue it is also an individual choice.

Even in the aforementioned examples of a ‘calling’ or ‘finding’, a long hard look usually reveals a pattern of events and decisions which lead up to the moment the individual determines their spiritual direction. To recognize the natural and progressive string of actions that undermine the flash of spiritual awakening make it no less profound. Indeed, one could argue quite the opposite. That to see how their spirituality has been silently unfolding within and around them for most of their lives is an even more moving perspective. The important item, particularly for those who are floundering in their search for a spiritual path, is to be aware of the element of choice.

For anyone starting out on the spiritual quest, knowing that they have the freedom to be choosing spirituality, or their own personal version of spirituality is crucial. Not only does this free you from the constraints of others’ expectations, such as the good intentions of parents or spouses who might put their own beliefs off on you; but it opens you up to question and consider the myriad of choices available to anyone seeking a spiritual experience. This openness only increases the likelihood that you will find the direction that is most comfortable and suited to you. This helps ensure that your spiritual path is a success. Obviously, a great part of the satisfaction of nurturing a spiritual connection is that you are truly allowing for a deeply personal, intimate, and unique experience of yourself and the world around you.

Choosing spirituality (or your own version of spirituality) requires time, exposure, and consideration for all the choices that interest you in regards to religion, deity, worship, and spirituality. Once you begin to delve into the varying spiritual beliefs and styles, it is likely you will feel a pull in one or maybe even a few directions. For some, this is a simple intuitive inclination. For others, it may feel like a profound, visionary, life-altering moment. Everyone’s experience is a little bit different and none are either right or wrong. Again, the importance is in knowing –no matter how extraordinary the feeling- that it is altogether a moment of choice. A ‘calling’ still requires an answer to be effective, and a ‘finding’ implies the decision to search was already made. No matter how your spiritual path comes to you, it is always your choice to traverse it.

Understanding that spirituality is a personal choice can make the experience even more gratifying. The freedom to determine your own path to is higher power intrinsic to you and cannot be taken from you. Relying on others for fellowship or information while evaluating your own choices is fine, but allowing another to dictate your spiritual preferences to you is not. This only leads to a frustrated spiritual encounter. Once on your path, remember you are not captive to it. Decisions can always be reevaluated, adjusted, or even reversed. Spiritual growth means you may find your direction changing as you journey through the choices along the path to awareness. Enjoy the freedom to choose and choose again. It is undeniably yours.

Whatever, however you decide, ultimately you are choosing spirituality. What spirituality looks like is different for each of us. (agnostic - to the deeply religious).

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