As a parent do you struggle with managing: power struggles, temper tantrums, hypersensitivity, picky eater, homework battles, parenting burnout, sensory integration issues, defiance, sibling rivalry, bullying, ADHD, aspergers, co-parenting? Could your child strengthen his/her: social skills, awareness of own feelings, awareness of other's feelings, decision-making skills, ability to read social cues, adjustment to transitions and new situations, sensory integration skills, self-control, emotional regulation. WE BELIEVE THAT PARENTING IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT JOBS ON EARTH. We understand that external factors such as financial or work pressures, marital problems, family dynamics, and the frenzied pace of the modern world make the task of parenting more challenging. There are no such things as perfect parents or perfect children. In fact, the key to thriving in the parent-child relationship is finding strategies that match the child's needs with the parent's ability.