Marital Problems

Marital problems: perhaps you've experienced a divorce, or have simply been single for a while and are hoping to enter a new relationship. Maybe you're not sure if the one you have now is worth saving, as the passion may have waned, you no longer spend quality time together, and you now frequently fighting with your partner. This section is designed to help you answer all those questions and to develop the skills needed to be on the same team, so that you can work through common relationship and marital problems.

Does it feel like you and your spouse aren't really on the same team? Have you noticed your romance has gone down after having children? Are you looking to increase affection or intimacy within your relationship? Do you want to learn how to communicate in a more constructive manner? Are you interested in reigniting the spark your relationship used to have? Do you feel somehow disconnected from your partner or yourself without knowing where these feelings come from? Maybe you and your partner are different people compared to when your relationship began, leaving you feeling confused about the future. Or maybe you are here because you love introspection and just want to maintain the great qualities of your relationship, while embarking on something new.

What if there was a way to learn about relationship success, no matter what your specific relationship and marital problems, goals or questions are? Thankfully, there is.

Couples therapy can seem intimidating, even if you really want to attend a session. Thankfully our professional therapists at The Center for Growth are not only knowledgeable and experienced, they are committed to meeting you and your partners’ specific counseling needs, in a non-threatening, inviting environment. Therapists at our organization pride themselves on their ability to write useful self help tips that can be done at home as well as their ability to establish rapport with clients. Our therapists are ready to work with you and your partner to identify any goals you might have, address concerns, and assist all individuals in living their most authentic, fulfilling lives.

With the help of our highly trained team of couples counselors, your personal and relational goals are attainable.

There are many misconceptions about reading self help articles about couples therapy and therapy in general. Many believe that reading self help articles or attending couples therapy means there is something wrong with them or their relationships, but this is not the case. Reading self help relationship and marital problem articles or attending couples counseling therapy is not a sign of weakness or inadequacy. Rather it is a sign of great strength and courage, as well as a deep desire to see growth and success in your life and your relationships. You are here because you care deeply. Just as our therapists work in this field because of their great care for the community. You do not have to wait for issues to arise in your relationship before implementing strategies you found online or by scheduling an appointment. If you feel it is the right time to begin couples therapy, then it is the right time. Couples therapy is an opportunity to get reacquainted with one another, to discover deeper truths about our partners and ourselves. Therapy is a tool that we can utilize to bring us closer to one another and closer to the person we long to be. The therapy journey is singular and unique for every person, which is why our professionals are versed in a variety of techniques to help you and your loved ones explore what your relationship needs are. Honor what feels right for you and your values as you navigate the immensely rewarding, transformational experience of couples therapy.Mental Health Concerns (stress, depression, anxiety, OCD, insomnia, etc.)