Spousal (death or divorce)

Grief Therapy in Philadelphia. Loss of Spouse (by death, divorce or simple break-up). You may associate the idea of grieving with a death. You may be thinking – a relationship or marriage is a type of ending, but no one died, what is the big deal? All types of loss are hard, especially when they were not within your control. Any loss, regardless of how big or small triggers a grief process. And, a person does not have to die for you to feel grief. You may have been living with someone for a year or have been married for 20 years. If the relationship was a significant one, you are likely going to feel a variety of emotions when it ends, much like how it feels to grieve a death. With that being said, there are some elements that are unique to death. The hope that things could work out in the future are gone. Death is final. To learn more about the grief process when you lose a spouse (via death or divorce) keep reading. If you prefer more individualized help, call 267-324-9564 and speak to one of our grief therapists at the Center for Growth / Grief Therapy in Philadelphia.