Overcoming Loss and Moving Forward

Grief therapy in Philadelphia: Lost your job, your home, a loved one, or a beloved pet ? There are many forms of loss, and all are felt individually on a very personal level. Loss is losing or being deprived of something you once had. It can have a profound effect on your life. It can stop you from socializing, blind you to other interests, make you feel angry and take you emotionally away from those who love you. It can impact your job, your home, your finances, and your relationships. It is a real emotion that can run deep. Regardless of the type of loss that you experienced, most people go through five stages of grief. With that being said, the cycle of grief is only a general guideline, and what exactly your grief looks like may differ not only from person to person, but by the actual type of loss that you may have experienced. Developing a plan of action to help you work towards healing after a loss can be a critical step towards healing. Sometimes, a great beginning in the healing process is merely identifying where you are in the grief process . Others find developing a spiritual connection, keeping a spiritual journal nurturing. Spirituality for some are used as a moral compass that keeps pushing one forward. Regardless of what others tell you about the healing process after a major loss, it’s important to let go on your own terms. You may not have been able to decide when your loved one should die, or when to lose your job, but how you let go is something that you can do on your terms.