Farhana Ferdous, MA, ATR (Associate Therapist)

Farhana (she/her) is trained as an art therapist and counselor. She is a collaborative therapist who aims to nurture an environment of compassion, understanding, and acceptance in therapy. With the belief that opening up about true feelings with another person can be intimidating, Farhana creates a warm and empathetic space to unpack clients’ stories and uncover the root causes of distress. She believes in the natural intuition and resilience of all individuals and highlights those in therapy so that greater love and compassion for oneself can emerge, while also empowering clients with new tools and perspectives.

With training from Drexel University’s Art Therapy & Counseling program, Farhana’s approach draws from relational, social justice, psychodynamic, mindfulness, and systems perspectives. She is deeply aware of how societal, institutional, and other structural forces can influence mental health. She draws on clients' intersectional identities to understand their unique contexts.

As an art therapist, Farhana specializes in utilizing creative expression as a tool to access and process emotions, experiences, and patterns often hidden under the surface. There are not always words to describe exactly what we feel, think, or experience, especially about complicated issues—art therapy with Farhana offers a nonverbal approach for expression at a pace suited to clients’ needs and desires. No artistic experience or talent is necessary, as growth often lives in the process rather than the product.

Before working at The Center for Growth, Farhana has experience working with clients in inpatient, community mental health, and college counseling settings on various issues such as anxiety, relationship concerns (friends, family, and romantic), sense of self/identity, grief, depression, and life transitions. She has special interest and expertise working with immigrants/children of immigrants, emerging adults, millennials, LGBT communities, ethnic minority communities, nonmonogamous relationships, and interracial relationships.

Farhana Ferdous, MA, ATR (Associate Therapist)'s Resume

NPI: 1962176362


  • Pennsylvania: Working towards licensure in PA

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