Sarah Melton, LSW

Sarah Melton, LSW is a Licensed Social Worker.  She is completing a one year fellowship at the Center for Growth (Jan 4, 2021 - Dec 31, 2021).  Sarah works with individuals and couples who struggle with anxiety and OCD. Sarah also works with elderly individuals as they reflect on their lived experiences, in addition to finding meaningful activities to engage in as they grow older, if they face challenges related to aging. 

Sarah uses Exposure and Response Prevention in her practice to treat anxiety, where she encourages individuals to identify their fears and approach them directly  in order to prevent these anxieties from interfering with their lives. Sarah gently encourages individuals in this process to become accustomed to fear in order to respond to it more effectively. Sarah also uses mindfulness techniques such as grounding exercises and guided meditations in order to encourage clients to be more present with the current moment, and manage fear effectively as it arises. Sarah’s work blends Dialectical Behavior Therapy with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, in addition to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This allows clients to identify goals to increase their quality of life with Sarah, and learn how their current behaviors and thought processes might interfere with these goals. Sarah is practical and collaborative in her approach and works in partnership with individuals to create realistic solutions.

Sarah completed her Master’s in Social Work at Temple University.  During graduate training she interned as a behavioral health consultant at Pathway to Housing PA.  After graduation she worked as case manager for people living with chronic illnesses at Action Wellness and as a therapist at Interim House helping women with dual diagnosis. These experiences gave Sarah an understanding of how to work with individuals experiencing multiple mental health diagnoses, in addition to using techniques to engage with individuals on exploring mixed feelings around creating desired change in their lives.

Sarah Melton, LSW's Resume

NPI: 1285125476


  • Pennsylvania: SW135712
  • New Jersey: NJDCATEMP - 037478